Weekender Bahrain, Friday, November 16 2018

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Maryam Shaikh

Siblings comes in different sizes and shapes but the love is the same.

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Latest News

A star is here

A star is here

A sensational artist is all set to perform in Bahrain.Formerly known as Throwing Shade, Nabihah Iqbal released her debut...

Exotic world is now a cookbook away

The book that has been in the making for a few years is finally here! A culinary presentation with a unique twist, inspired by...

Plenty of thrills at BIAS

The Public Area at Bahrain International Air Show 2018 will provide an array of educational and entertainment activities and is...

“I am coming to Bahrain to learn something myself”

Gulf Hotel is setting a fiery stage with Two Michelin star ‘Chef Wout Bru’  A place well-equipped to bringing a...

Now you can ‘eat rainbows’

A fruitful concept launched in book It is amazing how the island is host to so many people who are extremely talented and are...

Real Skincare Routines you’d want

A Bahrain-based online store, Big Beauty Bahrain curates the best of beauty products from South Korea, the US and other locations...

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