Weekender Bahrain, Thursday, May 23 2019

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Maryam Shaikh

Siblings comes in different sizes and shapes but the love is the same.

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Kaftans- The Aesthetic Feel to this month

This might come as a hidden blessing, but Ramadan actually serves as a strong platform to showcase your aesthetic sense because...

A New take on ‘Dates’

Every meal is a special meal during Ramadan. The indulgence mechanism works out with some of our favourites gracing the scene...

Hacking the Tween Scene in Bahrain

There used to be kids, teenagers, and adults, and now the term "tween" is used to describe the "between" years, the kids aged 8...

The Monk Who is a Mechanic

Power the polymath in you  On the flight, I’m reading. My sister, sitting next to me, is conversing with a woman next...

How does fasting affect the body?

During fasting hours when no food or drink is consumed, the body uses its stores of carbohydrate (stored in the liver and...

Weekender's Top 5 Things to do in Ramadan

Nayanthara Salim lists down 5 ways to make the most of Ramadan in Bahrain.  1. Visit the Al Fateh Grand Mosque: Named after...