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Rediscover Bahrain

admin 21-Jan-2015

Rediscover Bahrain

Hussain Almosawi and Mariam Alarab turned their travel experiences into a business initiative called Dilmuni Couple, through which they hope to provide tourists/expats different kinds of local tours that give them a sense of local taste and experience of Bahrain.

Like any couple at the beginning of their life their goal was to get a house, a well-paid job and at the same time have jobs that they were passionate about. They found that their passion was for photography and travel.
After noting that many people always complained about the lack of places to enjoy their time within Bahrain, the couple was motivated to start the Dilmuni Couple initiative. Hussain and Mariam began visiting different places in Bahrain and share pictures of them on Instagram. This created an excitement that encouraged tourists to visit these places and surprisingly also Bahrainis to re-discover these forgotten locales.
The Dilmunis said that they realised that there is a lot to show about Bahrain to other. It’s not just the place that provides a fulfilling experience, but it’s people contribute to it as well. The warm welcoming, and simplicity around, is in their opinion, what makes Bahrain special.
Realising that there was a big gap between the tourist and the local experience, they set out to fill this gap and provide tourists/expats different kinds of local tours that give them a sense of local taste.
They state that now their way of thinking regarding many things has changed. The first of them was life style, spending habits, and even the idea of having a house or a fancy car are not a top priority now. “We redefined our life concepts and new ones emerged!” they say.

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Why did you choose the name Dilmuni Couple? What importance does Dilmun have to you?
Dilmun has been always something mysterious to us, everything about Dilmun fascinated us; the seals; and the fact that we live in a big cemetery where you can find burial mounds everywhere in Bahrain; an identity that you can’t escape.
The name came to our mind while we were touring in the Bahrain National Museum and reading about the Dilmun civilisation. Dilmun is regarded as one of the oldest ancient civilisations in the Middle East. It has been described as the land of eternity and the land where the sun rises from. We liked that. Every person feels that they belong to someplace, and we felt that we belong to Dilmun. The more we read about this civilisation, we felt how it’s important to Bahrain’s history.

What’s one thing you’re deeply proud of — but would never put on your résumé?
We are happy that we get so many responses about how we have left a positive impact in the many people that we met because they make us feel like we want to give more.

What’s going to be carved on your (hypothetical) tombstone?
“Meet people in such a manner that if you die they should weep for you and if you live they should long for you” -Ali ibn Abi Talib

If you could sit down with your 15-year old selves, what would you tell them?
Explore this huge world as soon as you can. Leave your comfort zone and live more responsibly.

What’s your most urgent priority for the rest of the year?
Our most priority is to turn our blogging and traveling activity into source of income, so we can turn our life to a full time travel job!

Would you like to write a book? (About what?)
Absolutely yes. We would like to write travel book to share our stories and

adventures, and share what we learned through our journeys.

Are you living your LIFE PURPOSE — or still searching?
Partially yes, we like the idea of giving back and sharing knowledge with people. We have always wanted to be independent. What we really want most is to make a difference in our world, our life and other people’s lives.
We believe people are always on a journey to find their life purpose, and the more experience they get in life, the more understanding they will receive.

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