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Cutting through the glass-made rumours!

admin 07-Jun-2016

Cutting through the glass-made rumours!

The buzz was already making its way around for quite a while now.  Our newsfeed was swarmed with stories suggesting that Apple is gearing up to make an iPhone entirely made out of glass.

The company has decided to take up things differently and will be abandoning the metal look- this was according to the firm that makes much of that same metal, one of their biggest suppliers. Many rumours have suggested that the phone set to be released later this year, the highly anticipated iPhone 7, might be the one with the completely re-designed look and feel. Or the company will create the glass-exterior device for a 2017 release.

KGI Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has successfully anticipated a number of significant iPhone changes in the past, predicts the iPhone 7s will feature an all-glass body and OLED display.

Weekender decided to get some more intel from the local market and a sales representative at one of the leading electronic stores in Bahrain stated: “As of now, we cannot assert anything with certainty as Apple’s head office announces and gives the info on the features and body of the phone and we haven’t received any information yet.  We are expected to get that information by August and the latest iPhone will be releasing somewhere around mid of November this year.” He stated that the buzz about glass-made iPhone is still to be considered as rumours until proven otherwise. “We are following the buzz and it might happen. With Apple, cutting edge and out of the box ideas isn’t new, but when, isn’t something we can say just yet.”