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Facebook to be torn in two?

admin 07-Jun-2016

Facebook to be torn in two?

It seems Facebook doesn’t stop from developing and revolutionizing. Mark Zuckerberg is always onto something and now it seems he is worried about the ‘context collapse’. A state where people rely more and more on official posts and are talking less about themselves. This is probably why he decided to touch, the highly untouched and unaltered ‘newsfeed’ of the popular social networking site. In order to increase personal posts and encourage people to post more updates about their own lives, the site is planning to split the feeds up into separate topics, according to screenshots that seem to show versions of the new look being tested.

Some users are already seeing their news feed divided up into categories. Those can include topics like TV and movies, music or travel. However not everyone seems keen about it. “I don’t believe such major changes and alterations to the design should be done. The website works for a specific reason and to keep it on top, users can’t be expected to learn and grow with abrupt changes. I for one, won’t like to create small segments that show bits and pieces of me’, Ali Jabbar shared with Weekender. 

People who have the new feeds are instructed to add different subtopics into those particular feeds. So if a person has a “TV & Movies” feed, for instance, they’ll be given the option to tick all of the films they like and Facebook will show stories and posts that are about those topics. Only time will tell how it picks off, but as of now, it seems Facebook is desperate to keep it personal.