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Your Mediterranean Escape awaits you

admin 22-Jun-2016

Your Mediterranean Escape awaits you

Florentine food is known to be one of the greatest delights in the world. Those who plan their vacations are easily smitten by the delectable cuisine that circles around the Mediterranean palate. Because no matter how much we plan to unwind and relax, nothing says tranquillity like the taste of good food against the lips. 

And sure, while many of us don’t have the time and the kind of money to plan the ultimate vacation to Italy or Spain, we can rejoice in the fact that there is a beautiful place in the heart of Adliya that gives you the ultimate Mediterranean experience that is heightened not just with delightful flavours but also with a memorable and charismatic setting, that will transcend you into a world, not very Arabian. 

Florence La Maison Méditerranéenne is one of Block 338’s newest addition, it took around 8months to renovate an old house into a spectacle and as soon as you take a step into the exotic milieu, you are mesmerized by the sheer detail put into every corner of the place. The restaurant came into existence when its founders decided to bring a homely and Florence-kind of an ambience to the people of Bahrain. One of the founders, Svenja Schuetze, shared with the Weekender, “Originally from Germany, my family has a strong hospitality background.  I came to Bahrain four years ago and with my partner, we decided to open a food haven in Bahrain, which makes you feel like you aren’t sitting in the Middle East anymore.’ And how it does really bring that affect. 

The delicate interior and décor are absolutely captivating. Beautiful pastel colors and floral have been used all around the place, with soft wooden tables and even rocking chairs; you know you’ve experienced the highest mark of ‘comfort meets elegance.’  But as much as we were left gasping at the minute details and the very retro meets modern decor elements used all around, one of the most breathtaking elements by far was the breath-taking garden that brings new dimensions to green pleasures in life.  Hanging tree lights, colorful sofas and chairs, as well as a special water fountain from Iran  and stones from Turkey, it provides the ultimate spot for you to sit with friends  and unwind, as you catch up for dessert and coffee. When the weather gets better, I know where I’m planning my next get-together.  


Fusion of Arabic Flavours into Exotic Tastes 

However as much as we felt contented by our surroundings, we were equally impressed by the range of dishes served in front of us, because when you have to master food that comes par to such excellent decor, you can’t leave any stone unturned to make it perfect, and perfection was in the air. The place offers a fusion of Mediterranean dishes. And from the impressive range of appetizers, we dug into a ‘Gratin d’Epinards’ which consisted of spinach, artichoke, mushrooms, béchamel, roasted garlic, fresh thyme parmesan cheese and served with tortilla chips. Lip-smacking, there was sheer taste in every bite and the freshness of it made us finish every last bit, but being light, we knew we were set to indulge in some more of these Mediterranean delights with Arabic flavours.   Knowing pizza would be a highlight; we thoroughly enjoyed the serving style and again, felt the flavours of Italy rush through. The ‘Pizza au Poulet’, with its oregano roasted chicken, garlic puree, baby arguala, peppers and olives, was truly an Italian vacation. With its perfected dough and carefully placed ingredients’, pizza parties might have a whole new meaning now. Moving on, we experienced a great fusion of flavours that didn’t overlap but complimented one another, as the ‘Risotto aux Fruits de Mer’ with its rich ingredients of saffron risotto, calamari, shrimps, salmon and sun-dried tomatoes, proved how fusion bring fascinating tastes onto the platter.  While we were content with what we experienced, the menu with its impressive range of recipes that include seafood, soups, sandwiches and poulets, assured that we will be coming back for more. With the venue’s tantalizing signature mocktail in hand,  that was giving a whole new meaning to juicing, we couldn’t leave without biting into a sweetened, heavenly-kind of a dessert and that came in the form of  ‘Paris Brest with Vanilla Ice cream’, a truly majestic creation that puts other desserts to shame

The restaurant proved how  a single place can take you to various places and when in need of an escape, an exit from the everyday hustle and bustle, remember how this quaint and beautiful two floored haven is your way to serenity, in good taste and breath-taking environment. For more details, check instagram : Florencebahrain or call 17336373.