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Scarf A Glory!

admin 12-Jan-2017

Scarf A Glory!

the season to amp our layered look is here. Ask any woman and she’ll let you know there isn’t any thing as having enough scarves and stoles. And when the winter season comes in limited portions to a sunny land like ‘Bahrain’, we have to make the most of it. Check out a few of the most popular ways to stylize your scarf wardrobe, keeping the mundane winter gloom far, far away from you.    

Rainbow colours are charming
While we have noticed many of our favourite celebrities sporting nude shades of scarves with their long cardigans and black leggings, sometimes it’s a needed change to brighten things up. Treat yourself to bright and vibrant scarves that can be paired with virtually any type of clothing.

The Glamour Look
If you’ve been browsing through the spectacular choice of wraps and scarves at your favourite brands, you would have noticed some sparkly, crystal-laden scarves as well. These are over the top, they are big time glamorous and definitely worth your time. Glam up your look while wearing it with a black attire and high boots- a celebrity feel is guaranteed.

Giving you the edge
Scarves that have a touch of fur, leather and tassels bring an edge to an otherwise stale outfit and can work wonders for those who don’t know how to amp up their look. Check out your favourite malls, like City Centre and Seef, for there are many brands that offer such unconventional, cool looks to give you an edgy and interesting look.
The Bohemian Vibe
This doesn’t come as a surprise for scarves are also known to accessorize your hair. Make a messy bun and then use the magic of your silk scarf to give you a stylized look. Either roll the scarf all over over pinned up hair to make a knot or you can make a thing strip, tie around your head and let loose the curls. Plus it also just saves you from a bad hair day, giving a cool and chic bohemian vibe.

The traditional trick
If you feel you are one of those who embraces the traditional look more so than any other. How about purchasing some of those scarf necklaces. There is great variety in a range of colors and styles to choose from. A major hit in Bahrain, make a basic loop, take one end and twist it several times around the loop, ending at the centre front. Repeat it on the other side and then knot the ends at the centre. Looks hot, looks culturally gorgeous too.