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Products you should probably say goodbye to this winter

admin 26-Jan-2017

Products you should probably say goodbye to this winter

If there’s one thing that needs to be understood from this highly unpredictable weather, it’s the fact that we need to take care of our skin even more so now than ever. From the experts it has been revealed that our skin type will carry from dry, oily and combination throughout our lives and these changes can fluctuate because of the weather, the hormonal changes and even stress levels. However when it comes to cold and harsh climates, everyone experiences very dry skin and at this time, product irritation can damage skin even further when it’s dry. We asked a few dermatologists and skin experts what kind of products should be avoided in the cold and dry winters. Check out a few of the top products you might want to bid a temporary adieu to:

Not the toning season
While toners are always on top of the popularity list, these also sometimes contain alcohol that can be incredibly drying to the skin. These products can aggravate the skin and make it prone to irritation. While there are options for natural toners, experts suggest to stay off them completely during the winter time.

Cleansers – go for the organic!
While when it comes to using cleansers, there are a few that can prove to be absolutely disastrous for the skin, especially the ones that contain ammonium or sodium lauryl sulfate. They can even worsen the dryness and can lead to itchiness as well. Opt for cleansers that are cream based or come with organic ingredients as these are far gentler on the skin.  

Scrubbing with smaller beads
For those who were aware, there have been amazing sales and discounts on our favourite skin care brands the past few weeks. Naturally many skin-loving ladies had gone shopping and one of the most popular items they stocked up on is the Facial Scrubs. There are so many choices out there and many come with the most amazing fragrances and ingredients. However be careful with how much you make use of these as certain facial scrubs that is designed for hardcore exfoliating. Facial scrubs that contain bigger beads can be damaging to the skin and can even cause bigger pores, hence removing dry skin should be done sparingly in winters and with scrubs that come with very small beads so to not to irritate the skin.

Keep the natural look on!
Dry skin is more prone to redness and irritation if a person wears makeup for long periods of time. Using powder based makeup such as foundations, eyeshades and blush can have disastrous results on your skin. Opt for cream type that even manages to hydrate the skin and reduce the appearance of dry skin. However best would be a dab of face cream and lotion, little of hydrating lip balm and you’re good to go.

Sunscreens, yes- gel, no!
We need to make use of sunscreens; even with the cold, Bahrain is known to have scorching heat episodes every now and then and sunscreen is godsend. However gel based sunscreens do more harm than good and even less effective as they dry faster and have to be constantly reapplied. Pick out cream based ones that are known to be more effective and less irritable.