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You’ve got a car…great. Now let’s have it ‘parked’ right!

admin 01-Feb-2017

You’ve got a car…great.  Now let’s have it ‘parked’ right!

The whole world is running fast. Either no one wants to be the last one to arrive at the office or they have to reach on time for a very important appointment.  The comfort of a car has pampered us so badly that considering a day even without them is out of the question. However there are certain other and probably bigger things to worry about. Like parking your car in a restricted area or even at a public space can offer you a trouble ticket. In particular, Bahrain motor law has become so hard-and-fast, that they even revised the fine for parking. Various municipalities have begun a drive to find out who is parking out of the way and the fine for no parking is now BD20!
Weekender came up with an exemplum as to how we can park our car safe and secure. These tips may be stressful if you do not have enough practice and are not confident enough, especially if you are in a hurry and other cars are waiting for you to park. If you want to practice, choose a place and build your self-confidence. Read on.
Technology Helps
Gone are those days, when we showed off to our friends how parallel parking is done by just looking into the side –mirrors.  When squeezing our car in between two, use the technology of self-parking mode. It helps us a lot and even the dealer boasts a lot about the technology.

Go Parallel
Parallel parking is a maneuver which needs a lot of experience and know-how of the best sides of your car. It is a technique where you park your car in between two cars. Practicing the reverse and stopping in between two cars parked at the side of the road will help you to master this.

Slow and Steady
A worthy space may be ahead or behind you. So, if you are driving along the street to find a parking spot, be slow.When you find a spot for parking your car, take it slowly. Do not be in a hurry even if the car behind starts honking; they do- learn to ignore and follow the law. When parked, double check that you have given ample space for the cars behind and in front of you, otherwise forget the front and tail bumpers!

Set up an Alarm
If you are lucky to get a parking and there is time limit, then forget not to set an alarm on your phone. It reminds you the time to return and keeps off from a fine. There are many parking app available on smartphones.  It reminds you where your car is parked, particularly if you have parked your car in malls with multistoried car parks.