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Renault Steering Towards the Right Direction

admin 16-Feb-2017

Renault Steering Towards the Right Direction

Renault, the French maker, has already swept the mind of car-lovers with its most advanced state-of-the-art fleet of passenger cars. Though, with a drag in its initial billow, the company has gradually marked its presence in Bahrain with unparalleled services. The sophisticated and international designed showroom in Sitra is itself a testimony to its accomplishment.

On this note, Weekender got a glimpse of what Mr. Sreekumar wants to share, the GM of Renault Bahrain. In a brief, he spoke to us that his rivet in this field has gained many skill sets that he would use to gain the maximum brand reach, customer satisfaction, and professional growth.Mr. Sreekumar, who started his automobile career in diverse dimensions in the dealership, opened up his vision to Weekender, seeing to it that the prime focus of him being the GM is to strike the right chord –customer satisfaction.

The GM’s Domain

 As a GM of thebrand, my basic responsibility is to gratify our customers, thereby making maximum profits in the business. We, as a team, ensure that the strategy that we implement must serve the customers in all walks viz from an enquiry, to sales and after-sales services. I believe that the process of buying acar is not a one-time investment. It is a cycle, and as a brand, it is our duty to guarantee that the process goes untroubled. The best part of my job is satisfying customers and to attain that I have to be in their shoes. I must understand what they feel, and what they really need.


Competition and Training

 Our brand has achieved a mammoth progress over the last few years.Closely looking at our new generation cars, you can see that they are loaded with technological brilliance and high-end safety features. We have designed our car in such a way that there is no room for a customer to have an after thought. We make sure that there is proper communication to the customer about the add-ons and evince them about the benefits.

There are various levels and layers of staff training. Many of them have undergone Renault certified training.  We make sure that all the staffs which are directly dealing with the customers are certified by Renault. We have a regional training Centre at Dubai. As YK Almoayyed and sons,we also have in-house training programs for staff on various courses of study such as communication, language, and a variety of soft skills.



 Though there is a financial slow down we are looking at our business positively as our brand has grown greatly throughout the years. But, I look at it positively. Our brand, per se, has grown tremendously over the years. For example, the sitra showroom is considered to be one of the best in Bahrain, in terms of interiors, decors and customer lounges.  Over time, we have also gained a high increase on customers’ base.  Our flagship cars like Talisman and Koleos have already grabbed the market, and our association with F1 is still continuing. So in my opinion, we will be having a great year ahead, and according to our survey,our sales are continuously growing and last year we even managed to achieve double digit growth.