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Raising the Standard of "Pet Care in Bahrain"

admin 16-Feb-2017

Raising the Standard of

Saar Kennels Pet Hotel & Spa offer a range of services for pets and their owners. This includes boarding, daycare (day boarding), grooming, international pet relocation and their unleashed pet store (Online & in-house).Established in 1998, it’s the first kennel & cattery in Bahrain. In May 2016, they relocated to a new facility, almost doubling their capacity. Since both the staff and management are fellow pet owners, they take pet care very seriously and adhere to the standards set by the British Kennel & Cattery Association.

What to expect at Saar Kennels

 Pets and owners can expect a professional and welcoming experience since the hotel’s main concern is a pet’s safety, health and happiness. They track their furry guests’ likes, meal preferences, and medical history. The facility is fully equipped with temperature monitored pet rooms, 24 hour CCTV security, and fire safety systems. The pet rooms are fully heated & air conditioned (with backup power in case of power failure), disinfected using ParvoVirucide, and additionally there is soothing music piped in for relaxation. All pets enjoy one-on-one outdoor playtime in the gated & shaded runs with the staff, and with the veterinary nurse who inspects every pet daily.

Saar Kennels have also taken pet care a step further and invested in one of the top pet foods in the world., Canidae ® U.S.A, which is nutritionally ranked 5 out of 6 stars for its holistic and natural properties to feed their boarding guests and provide customers with a choice of premium pet food formulas. Some of their most popular features include: rentable Pet Cams for boarding where pet owners can watch their pets live with a touch of a button using their smart phones from anywhere in the world, and the Customer Lounge & Dog Garden, which is exclusively for the SK customers to enjoy a peaceful, secure and hygienic place to socialise with their pets.

Their website makes booking quick and easy offering pet owners the option to make online booking inquiries, purchase pet products and food with Home Delivery, browse & read their pet health & welfare articles, and keep up to date on the latest news and offers. For boarding, booking in advance is necessary. They are currently taking bookings for Easter break and Summer.