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Passion, Excitement and Car Clubs

admin 02-Mar-2017

Passion, Excitement  and Car Clubs

Over the years, there have been many inventions that have certainly made our life easier. One such invention that remains brilliant is automobiles and they have evoked a good degree of emotions in many car enthusiasts, who know it’s more than four wheels on the road. Not only do they make use of it, but it has transformed their lifestyle to bring forth impeccable quality and what’s more interesting is to know how these ardent fans always have a certain personal story attached to their car. Whether, a passion shared by a family member or memories that surround when they bought their first car, there are always anecdotes to share around.
This may be the reason why many flocked to Bahrain bay the other day- you had cars and you had the many interesting stories that come with them.  The entire bay was occupied by hundreds of cars from different makers; it was a sight to behold. The gathering was a part of an initiative by American Eagles Car Club along with Japanese Car Clubs.  Auto fanciers varying from different age group took part in the event. The show, said to be one of the most influential car gathering, had a showcase of classic to the modern day cars, besides which there were many other stage events like DJ and on-site entertainments for kids. The assemblage was set out as another great example of passion driven youngsters in Bahrain.
The car show serves as a vital platform for all automotive brands and local enthusiasts to display the latest additions and modifications to their cars. “Our motor show has impressively positioned itself amongst youngsters who are dearest to cars.  This year we have so many performance cars, and many of them were self-made by the car owners in their own home-garage, which brings in elements of personal customization and preference,” Khayam Hassan, Manager of American Eagles, summarized to Weekender, adding: “We also look forward to organizing these events in the future, which will make the youngsters excited”.
Not only did the car clubs showcase their presence, but many bike and scooter clubs also joined in the gathering. Bahrain scooter club and Bahrain motor cycle clubs clustered into the bay which added special value to the event. “We believe that, any gathering whatsoever should not be categorized. It is all about our passion and emotion to automobiles. American Eagles has been functioning well in the domain and their expertise in organizing these events is highly praiseworthy”, a member of scooter club commented.
Car Show that drew thousands of residents as well as automobile aficionados to the Bahrain Bay, witnessed more than 20 classic cars along with modern-modified. Enjoying the view of Bahrain bay, the event plied the visitors an experience that they will never come across on the road. “Whether you are a collector or a spectator, these events bring a close look at how antique/classic cars relate to the settings of the modern day. We seldom see these cars on road. I took some photos, and even asked my kid to pose near a classic car to get snapped”, a spectator, Hassan Khwaji shared.