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Double the thrills with Open Track !

admin 23-Mar-2017

Double the thrills with Open Track !

Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) will be hosting a pair of Open Track events for cars and motorbikes this week.

The first will be an Open Track Night on March23 followed by an Open Track Day on March25. Loads of thrills and excitement await motorsport enthusiasts on both occasions. Open Track is one of the most popular public activities available at ‘The Home of Motorsport in the Middle East’, with scores of speed lovers from Bahrain and all over the Gulf turning up each time for the event.
        Thursday’s action will be held under BIC’s state-of-the-art floodlighting system along the 2.55-kilometre Inner Track from 4pm to 12midnight.
        On Saturday, BIC’s 5.412-kilometre Grand Prix Track will be used from 9am to 5pm
Open Track Night participants will be able to choose between driving for a whole night at BD105 or just for a half-night at BD75. A single 30-minute session can also be enjoyed for BD40.
        For Open Track Day on Saturday, a full day will cost BD85, a half-day at BD60 and a single session at BD25.Registration can be done at BIC itself on both days. However, those who book in advance can get a discount.
        Meanwhile, Clio Cup and Radical SR3 passenger rides will also be available on both occasions. The Clio Cup passenger ride gives guests a look into the racing capabilities of one of the world’s most popular sports cars. This Renault-manufactured mean machine features a 1.6-litre Turbocharged engine. It can generate up to 220bhp and 6,000rpm, and it has a paddle shift racing gearbox and an FIA-specification roll cage and seats. The Radical SR3 boasts an RPE-Suzuki Generation 1,340 DOHC engine. It can go from zero to 100kmh in 3.4 seconds, and also has a six-speed sequential gearbox and paddle gearshift system.

For more information, call the BIC Hotline on 17450000.