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A world of intricate designs

admin 06-Apr-2017

A world of intricate designs

Fashion, a word that defines one of the strongest and oldest industries to have come forth, is also one establishment that holds strong foundation in many countries, bringing out brands and fashion gurus that are loved all over. However when it comes to Bahrain, the island is yet to make a strong vogue statement. But there is hope, especially when fashion shows and exhibitions like the recently held ‘Arabian Fashion Expo 2017’ are carried and concluded in successful colours. It just proves that there is a lot of talent embedded in this country, waiting to hit the spotlight and shine out.

The Arabian Fashion Expo launched its second edition recently which saw the participation of a range of local and regional designers. It was inaugurated by Her Highness Shaikha Hessa Bint Khalifa Al Khalifa and provided a unique experience and opportunity for Arab woman in the world of fashion, beauty, and style, covering all that she needs from garments, jewelry and perfumes. The expo in its second year entailed more than 40 designers from 9 countries at Bahrain’s main fashion district, the Moda Mall, which is home to the luxurious designer brands and lavish retail stores, and included some of the region’s most prominent businesswomen and women of society. The event provided a great opportunity for networking, socializing, as well as discovering the latest trends and talents. There were colors, textures, gorgeous hair-dos, fascinating scents, dazzling jewellery and striking poses. Besides the Fashion show, the expo also consisted of raffle draws, traditional music entertainment and a range of designer wear. Weekender was present on scene during day 2 activities and besides catching the spectacular Fashion show, in presence of Ola Al Fares-the MBC TV presenter and L’Oreal Paris Brand Ambassador in the Middle East- we also had a few words with one of the sponsors and fashion designer, Anwar Ahmad Al Mannaei, who was showcasing some of her majestic pieces in the fashion show.

Knowing what the audience likes

Ms. Anwar shared her boutique was established 13 years ago and she mainly focuses on party wear, consisting of special hand woven embroidery. “I believe and work around bright and colourful designs. I get inspiration from Indian dresses too, as I create long flowing dresses which are fancy with intricate embroidery and glasswork on it.” Speaking on how she used to earlier showcase her work at Harrods in UK, Ms.Anwar said that once the name was established and a brand created, she no longer felt the need to have it displayed there and is proud of how Bahrain is very well able to affirm its position in the fashion world with such strong expos. “It has become very important to showcase our work to the audience and get to know what the competitors are working on. Besides giving inspiration, it creates a podium to talk and take suggestions while always remaining on our toes to keep on giving and showcasing great designs.”