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The Guardians are entertaining

admin 07-May-2017

The Guardians are entertaining

The Guardians are entertaining; the jokes not so much




If there is something we have learned from blockbusters, its superheroes work well when aligned with a committed group of sidekicks with distinctive personas.  Marvel has certainly come a long way, breaking and taking over the market as strongly with its movies as it did with the comic books.

When ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ came out in 2014, I didn’t pay much heed to it; it wasn’t a larger than life cast or concept but a boring Friday led me to the cinemas and I was left a little more than just satisfied- it was rock n roll, it was funny, it was space creatures and peculiar gadgets and that all just added up and worked big time!Come 2017- Volume 2 is out and courtesy of Novo Cinemas at Seef Mall Muharraq, I managed to take in the 3D IMAX experience recently and was hoping to see everything that manifested greatness in part one and if it wasn’t for the thrills of an IMAX screening, volume two might have fallen flat. But maybe we are just getting a little ahead of ourselves.

The film continues from where the previous one left. After the events of the first film, Quill (Chris Pratt) and his troop of followers Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista), Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper) and now-Baby Groot (Vin Diesel) are hired by a golden-skinned species of prissy space elitists to vanquish a slobbery tentacle monster and the opening credits with the little Groot shows of his dancing skills was probably one of the best segments of the film. The movie slowly progresses and it is here where the problem lies- the jokes, the insults and the comical styling, all comes a little too forced. It is being shoved in the face when subtle tones would have made it work anyway- they don’t get along but they can’t go without one another; yes we get that and we would have loved to see it further developed or maybe not touched upon at all.

It only gets better when we are introduced to ‘Ego’- Quill’s alien father is revealed who whisks him away to his planet and shows him how they as celestials gods are more powerful and stronger than anything or anyone in the Galaxy. Some major suspenseful plots keep the viewers intrigued here as to know why did he leave Quill’s mother and how not a single other living being inhabits his planet. This part of the series also goes heavy on themes of family (am I getting a nostalgia reaction, recounting ‘Fast and the Furious’ films?) and redemption and it kind of works knowing how Quill’s parentage was always in a blurry phase since his introduction in part one. Other than that, the film’s characters had already created strong acceptable positioning in fan followers which is why they will be watched, time and time again. Only if the script would hold the same weight age as their persona built-up.

Concluding Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 is likeable to an extent but its irrelevant humour gets annoying every now and then. But being a product of the blockbuster factory of Marvel-Disney machine, it’s a summer movie that everyone will watch and enjoy!


Rating 6/10


“Being a product of the blockbuster factory of Marvel-Disney machine, it’s a summer movie that everyone will watch and enjoy!”