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Power-packed Vintage Cars continue to rule!

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Power-packed Vintage Cars continue to rule!





It’s always interesting to meet people who are committed to their automobile passion. This gentleman enjoys cruising and maintaining his Chevy C-10 1968, bought two years ago from one of his close friends. Wooden finished interior, matching to his wife’s Lexus, Mr. Hisham Hassan Khoja, a retired telecom technician, is an expert in classic cars. Weekender got prompted by this classic car aficionado who shared more on his newly transformed C-10 truck with a brand new LS1 fuel injection engine.


The Chevrolet C-10 is a highly adopted car, who preferred the power of a muscle car with a trunk. From a long list, the C-10 stands out and remains the most popular. The model, introduced in 1967 remained the favorite option till the early 70s.  The truck was one among the series of C/K which offered a full-size pickup truck by the General Motors. While the makers made a modification in the engine, the C series continued on to be a two-wheel drive.


When compared to it cousins, the 1968 is a half-ton model, which is more comfortable and refined with high standard materials and sporty sidelines. The overall refashion had made the 1698 C-10 trucks an excellent choice for both collectors and truck fans. Mr. Khoja, father of a 24 year old, said that he once owned a Mustang but sold it very recently. “My son also makes use of a truck, but not a classic one. I wasn’t inspired by any one, but I am sure that my son will be inspired seeing his father.”


“There are evident changes between the older version of this truck and the latest one.  The style and presentation always pleased me. I have always kept it well and even changed slight trims over the years. My families have enjoyed the add-ons I have done to the car. I have had made memories in the truck, which I can sure pass it to the coming generation”, Mr Hasan added.


Mr. Hisham Hassan Khoja, who dreams of owning a Mustang 1969 in the near future, says that he drives his truck occasionally, though it’s a great set of wheels for everyday usage too.   “Regardless of the seating capacity and the power of the truck, I think anyone can use it as a daily drive.  As a member of Gulf Muscle Group, I feel people should come forward and join this amazing group, letting others know that these types of power-packed vintage cars are still available on the roads.” The 1968 C-10 perhaps is the most popular trucks of the age, which shares many features with other full-sized trucks available in the market. Anyone can notice the rounded corners with gentle transmission between the panels along with wall-to-wall carpeting and readily available bucket seats back then.



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