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Silpancho (From the Land known as Bolivia)

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Silpancho (From the Land known as Bolivia)


Bolivia, Like Paraguay, is entirely land-locked; the country shares borders with Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Peru and Chile.While researching the various countries for this page, it is not unusual to find a wide range of dishes for the region, but this was not the case for Bolivia. Although there were early influences from the Spanish, followed by several nations at a later date, the cuisine does not seem to have matured as much as some of the others in the region;a comment often made on websites was the food is uninspiring and bland. Except for fried guinea pig, most of the dishes rely on staple foods and meats with little or no imagination in the ingredients or methods. So, it came as a surprise that this dish was a tasty as it turned out to be.


The combination may not be what we are used toand it certainly doesn’t look that good, but in some strange way, it does work.


What you need


*180g white rice

*470ml water

*3 medium potatoes

*1 small green pepper, diced

*1/2 small red onion, diced

*1 tomato, diced (I used several cherry tomatoes instead)

*2 tsp vinegar

*2 tsp vegetable oil

*450g lean minced beef

*salt & pepper to taste

*100g breadcrumbs

*canola or sunflower oil



What to do


*Place the rice in a pan with the water.

*Cover and bring to the boil.

*As soon as boiling, turn off the heat and allow standing for 15 minutes.

*Place the whole potatoes in another pan, bring to the boil and cook for 10 minutes.

*Once cool enough to touch cut into 3-4mm thick slices.

*Add salt and pepper to taste to the minced beef and combine with your hands.

*Divide the minced beef into balls the size of a kiwi fruit. 

*Sprinkle freshly ground pepper onto a pile of breadcrumbs and then roll the beef in the bread crumbs to give it a light coating.

*Pat the ball down flat to create a circle then roll out with a rolling pin over the breadcrumbs, turning frequently to recoat with breadcrumbs until you have created a ‘pancake’ of beef, about the thickness of a crêpe.

*Place the completed ‘pancakes’ on a plate ready to cook.

*Pan sear the ‘pancakes’ on medium high heat and turn over when the top starts to turn brown.

*Stack each finished pancake on a plate and keep warm in the oven.

*In the same pan, fry the potato rounds until brown on both sides.

*Place in the oven to keep warm.

*Mix together the chopped tomato, red onion, and green pepper.

*Cover with the vinegar and oil then combine until well mixed.

*Fry the eggs in the same frying pan used for the potatoes and meat.

*To serve; place a layer of potatoes on a plate, cover with a layer of rice, place a slice of the beef over the top, add the egg and top off with the salad.


I hope you enjoyed the forty-seventh of our eighty dishes from around the world. Please join me next time when we visit Brazil.