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The Tourist Guide on a Harley!

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The Tourist Guide on a Harley!




Bahrain may be a small island with some suggesting it has its limitations when it comes to exploration. Yet, it all depends on how you wish to explore it- Birgit Hobaugh is a German expat living in Bahrain since 2001 and is also the official tourist guide to the Kingdom of Bahrain. Whenever, a German shows up in Bahrain, she is more than ready to assist them and give them a tour of Bahrain.  But what makes her touring style significant is through her drive- an 883cc bike - Harley-Davidson Sportster 883. Birgit speaks to Weekender about her future plans and how did she get on to two-wheelers. Read on.

“It wasn’t until 2012; I planned to apply for my motorbike license. Until then, I have had no experience on a bike. Otherwise, a pillion, I have enjoyed travelling to the nooks and corners of Bahrain along with my friends” Today Birgit is one of the strongest pillars of the committee of the Harley Davidson Owners Club (HOG) Bahrain Chapter and has the position of the “Ladies of Harley Officer”. Trying to break free from the stereotypical stance of biking, one of her major goals is to assist female bikers and to support and boost more ladies to ride bikes and explore the world on their own two set of wheels.

When asked about her dream long-ride, she said: “Until now, I have only been riding in Bahrain. My company Bahraini German International Service is a travel agency and through our department MTG (Motorcycle Travel Group) we are organizing worldwide motorcycle group trips and I am planning to join one of the groups which will be riding in the Alp Mountains in Germany and Austria soon. I should admit that the trip will be a challenge for every biker, but challenges give birth to winning opportunities and moments of feeling proud and fulfilled.”


Daring but keep it safe

Birgit who prefers to ride on Friday mornings to avoid traffic says that she enjoys riding along the coastal area of Bahrain. She prefers the quite roads alongside deserts and seaside fishermen’s village.  “If somebody is interested in riding and does not know any other bikers, me and my sisters and brothers at HOG are always happy to give information and share our experience. It is also advisable to book a training course before appearing for the driving license to see if it is the right hobby for you”, she adds. She believes that safety is the basic principle for every rider on the road. Calling for each rider to look in all directions for oncoming traffic while on road, Birgit requests that car drivers be more cautious about the bike traffic.  “It is also important to note that safety gears play a vital role for our safety. Gears like good helmet and protectors in the jacket and pants are highly recommended whist on wheels. Good lighting of the bike and reflectors are important as well if you love riding during the night,” she suggests.