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Embraced in Sheer Ramadan Vibes !

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Embraced in Sheer Ramadan Vibes !

Usually defined as the time for reflection, spiritual renewal and peace, Ramadan is in full swing right now. It is a time to embrace the beauty of diversity around us, while learning to showcase more empathy and passion towards one another. Bahrain and its residents are enjoying the festive of lights profusely as there is something always happening around. There are exciting Ramadan offers at your favorite malls, tempting dining choices, entertaining family events and a whole lot more that bring the starry evenings to life.

While much of the youth is involved in enjoying the days and nights in a light hearted and spirited manner, Weekender sat down with a man who has seen and experienced many months of Ramadan in Bahrain, as he reflects on how things were when he was just a boy and how they have progressed since then.“During my growing days, we had no money, and observing fast was very tough and challenging. To go to relatives or friends places, we had to travel by foot, owing to transportation problems we faced at that time,” Mohmed Bahlool shared with us. Due to the hot and humid weather and lack of air conditioners and water coolers during his time, he and his family used to wet a cloth and wrap it around a pillow, to beat the heat and humidity.

 “Today every comfort is available because of which keeping fast has just become an obligation where devotion, dedication and discipline is completely absent. During my time, I along with my family used to go to the houses of my friends and relatives and break my fast with them. We used to celebrate Ramadan by dancing and singing, sometimes on the road and in our own houses. I used to even go unannounced and have a gala time with my friends and relatives. I feel in today’s time, one lacks the friendly nature and innocence of maintaining relationships,” he adds.

However one thing that he loves and absolutely cherishes is how residents binge on local sweets and savories with the same enthusiasm as back then. “The taste of halwa, the aroma of kunafa and the spices that give hares its majestic standing, I am content to see how every member of my family enjoys and savors it with the same passion as I do.”

Gergaon is calling

And it’s almost time to get festive, to immerse in colors, and serenade the streets with laughter and happiness, as Gergaon is almost here. Celebrating the successful conclusion of half of the holy month, children make the most of this joyous occasion as they dress up in their best traditional attires as they get together with loved ones, gathering sweets and singing beloved folktales.The renowned dance of the wooden horse ‘Fraisah’ as it gallops across excited spectators with a traditional band will be happening soon, as a number of venues will be hosting Gergaon festivities soon. 

Ghabgas are in order

There are endless, delectable iftars and ghabgas prepared by some of the finest dining destinations on the island. This week, Weekender has taken upon itself to showcase some of the ‘Best Places for Ramadan feasts’. Check out pages 4-7 to know which are the hottest venues, that are hosting the most delectable ghabgas and iftars in town that you wouldn’t want to miss.