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7 popular Ramadan legacies still alive in Bahrain

admin 21-Jun-2017

7 popular Ramadan legacies still alive in Bahrain

The holy month of Ramadan in the Kingdom of Bahrain is considered the perfect opportunity to revive the customs and traditions accompanying this holy month. Although many years have passed on these popular legacies, they are still practiced in every corner and every street of the kingdom.The following are seven of the most popular legacies that are still considered a manifestation of the blessed month. 

Ramadan Cannon

The Ramadan cannon is a basic aspect of the holy month of Ramadan, where the voice indicates it's time for Iftar. The cannon in Bahrain is said to be on the ground opposite to Manama Central Market and there is also another cannon on the island of Muharraq Overseeing the cannon was usually done by the country's elders, where the Sheikh gives the signal to launch the cannon and vice versa. To this day and age, the Ramadan cannon will remain one of the most popular legacies of Ramadan and its spirituality. 

Iftar Tables

The Bahraini Iftar tables are famous in Ramadan with the most delicious and popular dishes such as Chicken Machboos and Muhammar, Tharid and desserts as well as other toothsome dishes. The heritage of the Bahraini tables is still the same, with many people keen on eating these traditional dishes for Iftar every Ramadan.From different drinks and dishes, housewives during this month cook all that is delicious and scrumptious and tickles the taste buds.At times, the houses exchange different dishes with one another, where the spirit of Ramadan is spread throughout the entire neighborhood. 

Ramadan's Ghabqa

Ghabqa is one of the Gulf's most resilient traditions over the years, dating back to the last century.It is a gathering of parents, relatives and friends in one place to eat and chat as a kind of kinship.In the past, Ghabqa was held at a time before Suhoor. The meeting was attended by the clergy and preachers who people come to listen to. Although Ghabqa is not currently held in its usual form, it is still a heritage and a tradition that many are keen to revive during the holy month of Ramadan.

The Misaharaty

The month of Ramadan isn’t complete without the presence of the Misaharaty, which is keen to wake up all people before dawn to eat the Suhour meal using a loudspeaker. The Misaharaty is characterized by his euphoric voice, which becomes quite popular and that which many actually wait to hear every year. 

Tarawih Prayers

Muslims are used to pray Taraweeh after the evening prayer directly during the month of Ramadan, which is a confirmed Sunnah for every Muslim man and woman.The Taraweeh prayer is a group prayer that is dear to the hearts of all Muslims.It is the time when mosques are filled with the largest possible number of worshipers and prayers behind the imam of the mosque.Many Muslims are keen to perform Taraweeh prayer, during which they finish the Quran more than once. 


Here, the people of Bahrain celebrate Ramadan during the nights of 13, 14 and 15 which mark the middle of the month. Gurgaon is a tradition that all Gulf countries are used to celebrate every Ramadan.The theme of the celebration is for children to wear traditional clothing, chant songs and knock on the doors of homes to get candy. 


This entire month is truly of never-ending festivities.It's during this festival where people of all ages, children, men, women and old people walk in the streets and sing popular songs that are dedicated to this month.The march is often accompanied with dancing and enchanting, as even malls and public areas host these lively sessions throughout the month.