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The Unparalleled Culinary Journey

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The Unparalleled Culinary Journey




It is considered as one of the most lavish and luxurious hotels on the island and when something stems from The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain, it is bound to be of the highest order. Well-thought of, properly executed and highly memorable, events, campaigns and feasts from this property are expected to get people talking for days to come-The Khayma Tent this year is no exception, for it is a Ramadan extravaganza that comes with unparallel magnificence.

A heightened gastronomical banquet-especially tailored by the venue’s new Executive Chef Christian Knerr and highlighted by an enchanting Turkish menu by two visiting chefs from The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul- guests would step into a world of breathtaking sights and smells as they indulge in a feast unlike any other.  Boasting a rich and charming garden inspired interior that features patio-like décor with beautiful floral prints on throw pillows bringing comfort and prestige all under one roof, a person visiting can easily spend hours soaking in the warm and pleasing sights as they give their tastes buds a culinary journey unlike anything experience before.


Salads aplenty!

Probably one of the most spectacular salad display we have ever seen, who would have thought something considered so mundane would be presented in such royalty? There is an impressive range of greens mingled with other exciting ingredients, to give us a palate of wondrous delights. The ‘quinoa,kale button mushroom and fava beans salad’ with its perfect texture, great tastes and such pleasing look, made me take a second heap for one just wasn’t enough. Same goes for the wide variety of dips and sauces including the ‘beetroot hummus’, which gave the main courses a very tantalizing touch. Coming to the highly noteworthy spread of main dishes, guests can start off light with the aromatic and culturally signified hot mezzah and then move into the flaring meats, lambs, chicken and fish- and that’s just a generalization for more than 50 dishes that call upon diners who can identify a great recipe when they see one. Be it the ‘Seafood Thermidor’, ‘Moroccan Lemon Cardamon Meatballs’, ‘Lamb Chops with Pepper Sauce’, ‘Chicken Breaded Stuffed with Halloumi Cheese’, ‘Black Lemon Chicken’ or the very grand ‘Quzi’, everything is distinctive and beautifully cooked . I especially enjoyed the varied menu which brought flavours from other regions as well, like a serving of the freshly cooked ‘Pad Thai Chicken’, a Mexican station flourishing of burritos and quesadillas and of course appetizing sushi spread which interestingly consisted of even ‘cooked’ sushi due to the demand of the guests. Everything was laid out perfectly and it was a divine experience to be able to savour on these delicacies. And it was then I knew that I had to stop so to make room for the desserts of dreams that were calling out to me.


The wondrous ‘Chocolate Room’

Indeed it was one of the major highlights of the evening-and for someone who has a very strong sweet tooth like me- was the beautifully guarded and slightly mystifying chocolate room – yes, there exists a tempting, aromatic space inside the tent that is purely dedicated to chocolates of various kinds and textures. Guests would need a minute or two just to stand there and soak in the fascinating sights of delectable creations, decorated beautifully with handmade statues and canvas, delightful desserts, chocolate walls and plenty of edible artworks as well as cocoa bean concoctions, which is all themed around the storytelling of the legendary tree of life of Bahrain. Dining in sweetness has been escalated tenfold for you don’t just let your taste buds enjoy the awakening experience, as the ambience is such a pleasing sight that makes the venue a haven of wonders.


A Turkish Calling

While it seemed really hard to move out of the chocolate room, we were amazed to learn that the tent also hosts local sweets and desserts. A tempting spread of um ali, baklawa, a wide variety of cakes, sweets, and culturally-focused desserts are also present that give the chocolatey servings a healthy balance.  Yet we wouldn’t have considered our heightened dessert expedition complete if we didn’t have something cold and creamy; there were no disappointments in this department either for this year the tent had flown in a chef from Turkey to enthral guests with some of the most creamiest and delightful ice creams ever! We tried out the ‘dates’ ice cream with a heavy garnishing of pistachios and walnuts- it was a perfection in the sweetest way! You wouldn’t be able to stop at a scoop; that’s only when the flavour starts building up. Coming in more than 5 varieties, the Turkish ice cream and a dab of marshmallows and fruits in the signature ‘chocolate fountain’, gave a real sweet conclusion to the dessert exploration.

There’s a hashtag associated with The Ritz Carlton : ‘#rcmemories’ and while its significance really didn’t ring into me earlier, but after my spectacular ghabga experience, I’ve come to learn how my indulgence more than just food- it was a night that would serve as one of my sweetest memories. Here’s to a great conclusion to this year’s Ramadan.

 For reservations and further information, call 17586499. There’s still time for your #rcmemories