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The Sweet Sound of ‘Exclusivity’

admin 03-Jul-2017

The Sweet Sound of ‘Exclusivity’






There’s a great ring to the word ‘exclusivity.’ It gives a special standing, a significance to a concept which isn’t so readily available. The Taj Classic car club was started four years ago with an exuberance of classic car promotion in Bahrain has around 35 members; interestingly it is only exclusive to relatives of the same family.


Hussain Dhahi, is one of the members who owns a Chevrolet Corvette 1977. Bought from United States, the corvette is a stock-maintained car, still in mint condition, apart from slight wear and tear. Weekender had a chat with him, as he talks about finding time from his busy schedule so to maintain and keep up the classic look of the car. “A classic car, be it any make or model comes with a price. The price is nothing but out time that we devote to take care and maintain the car. It is easy to buy a car, and but unlike those who buy latest models, we do not have the privilege of dumping it inside the garage, unattended”


The Corvette, with many additions and deletions from its original state of order, has now become one of the best loved muscle car amidst youngsters. Delivering the best in class comfort and conveniences to its customers, the GM Corvette has maintained its position as a leader during the mid-50s.  In 1956 it has become the first car which offered electric windows which lifts up and down automatically, though many of its competitors later added to their fleet. During the year, the company also managed to bring out cars with electrically operated hiding headlights, optional power steering and power brakes. Towards the mid-70s, the GM carried its legacy to yet another milestone of having leather wrapped air-conditioned interior, cruise control, AM/FM stereo tape system, a sport steering wheel with leather-wrapped rim, and a glass roof panel. Sun visors that slides to the side windows and a courtesy lamp located on the roof center pillar drew attention from customers.


Hussain whose longest trip to Qatar in his Corvette says that the car is not a regular car, and he prefers using it only twice or thrice in a month depending the weather conditions. “The engine is stock and no changes have yet been undergone to the exterior or the interior upholstery, except a complete replacement of the music system to cope-up with modern technologies”, says Hussain who dream of participating in national day celebrations in the near future.


He further added that, disciple is what he gives prime importance whilst on road. The roads of Bahrain are well constructed. Either we can be reckless drivers or abide by the traffic rules take it easy on the road. “Also spare parts are very expensive for classic cars like corvette, hence we drive responsibly on the roads, and try to not cause harm to either our baby or others.”