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Brotherhood through celebrations

admin 03-Jul-2017

Brotherhood through celebrations

Festivities and the celebrations associated with them bring a strange kind of happiness which multiplies when shared with people you love and with people you are eager to share with. The ability and the zeal to spread positivity in the ambience may look easy on the outside, but  the hard work and the sweat that has gone in making the process a successful one is not just commendable but persevering. Celebrating Eid with your family and friends can mean a lot to oneself where happiness is multiplied, but what would it be like if festivities are celebrated in a way where the curiosity of people regarding rituals associated with the celebration is quenched?


Al Fateh Grand Mosque celebrated Eid in a grandeur by introducing corners like Arabic calligraphy, Miracle corner, Henna corner which was unique and resplendent. Standing tall where its tomb is basking in the sun and its doors open wide to various nationalities, the mindset of establishing brotherhood with other nationalities makes the mosque stand unique. “Hailing from a Christian family in the city of Mexico, our curiosity to know more about Islam and Mosques brought us to this beautiful island. Taking a tour in this blessed mosque, the vibration of the walls due to the verses of the Quran, sends me into a state of spirituality,” says Raul Floris. Having been to Bahrain multiple times mostly for job purpose, he never truly got the opportunity to explore the religion of Islam. Utilizing the opportunity he received this time, he is making sure to enjoy every moment in the mosque and educate himself about Islam. Curiosity can have its own pros and con, but if that curiosity leads the way towards greater learning, what can be more joyous and pleasurable than that? “We have been to several mosques in several countries and a few to name are Oman Grand Mosque and Jama Masjid in India. The curiosity to know about different religions brought us to visit this blessed mosque. Being raised a Catholic in Netherlands, we had no idea about Islam and Prophet Mohammed. By travelling to different holy places, we are doing a great favour in raising our children spiritually,” says Eric. The courtyard of the mosque excites the couple as it gives them the feeling of connecting with Jesus. He further adds, “This is the first time we are visiting a mosque during Eid, and it is filling my mind with a sense of pleasure and excitement.”


Joyous moments for all

With the arrival of every festivity, what appears challenging is the arrangement and the execution of plans and ideas in order to make them memorable, appreciable and honorable. “For the last seventeen years, I have been taking care of the arrangements required to make Eid grand. I have a team of five staff working under me who are and have been of tremendous support on a daily basis. We are even extremely thankful to the Ministry for the never ending support they are providing us in the form of literature etc,” says Farhat Al-Kindi, section head of the visitors section. Happiness knows him no bounds when people from different nationalities come and show eagerness in knowing about Islam and the greatness of a mosque. He says, “I feel extremely happy connecting with my brothers and sisters of different nationalities. It gives me the message that we are going in the right direction in showcasing Islam in a positive light, which actually wishes to extend the hand of friendship.”

Festivities may bring their own radiance of positivity, but the ability to adopt that attitude in your daily life and be a better person is a challenge. “Since Ramadan is the time we fast, we celebrate Eid which gives us the feeling of having done something good. The very feeling of positivity I experience during festivals gives me the determination to be happy and be helpful to people which in turn make me sense that I am on the right track in uplifting humanity,” says Hasher Al Qadr.

Promoting harmony and peace is the foremost agenda in the religion of Islam. The ability to spread happiness, creativity and joy is something that is difficult but not impossible. “Eid, which marks the end of Ramadan is the time of joy and connectivity. Islam is a very beautiful religion which welcomes people with open heart from other religions and nationalities. I strongly believe in brotherhood and friendship and would just like to say that the doors of Al Fateh Mosque will always be open and welcoming to people from different faith,” Farhat Al Kindi concluded.