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Educating the Next Generation on Philippine Cultural Heritage

admin 03-Jul-2017

Educating the Next Generation on Philippine Cultural Heritage



“Dancing is entertaining, it is indeed, a great training ground for developing lot of skills that help you get through life”, according to Rhema Joy Hernandez, 23 years old, Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in the Kingdom of Bahrain.  She is a member of Philippine Dance Crew.

The Philippine Dance Crew also known as PDC was formed in 2009 by group of passionate and dedicated dance enthusiasts of various professions of OFWs in Bahrain looking for a venue for creative expression fueled by their shared passion and dedication for dance with a vision to established a performing group organization.It was originally formed by four (4) dancers and since then have gone from strength to strength recruiting further to twenty three (23) members performing at various events and charity works all over Bahrain.


It provides venue to display young Filipino talents in dancing and mainly aimed at educating young generation on Philippine Cultural Heritage through dance aside from hip hop, jazz, street dance and break dance performance.“Being member of the dance group, teaches you the meaning of sacrifice, dedication, commitment and plain hard work”, Joy added. She joined the group last March 2016.


Through dedication, rigorous training and remarkable commitment as their main foundation, the initial years of the PDC were blessed with many accomplishments and milestones, helping the group slowly make its name and enthralled audiences inside the kingdom.PDC performances considered high energy celebration of strength grace and precision not only of Philippine dances but showcases a wide variety of dance styles.It continuously takes a prominent spot in the performance arena through its many achievements in the kingdom.



Various Charity events and performances for the benefits of typhoon victims in the Philippines were among the chosen beneficiaries of the group.  They also included in their list the OFWs who are victims of domestic violence, the less fortunate, sick and deceased Filipino expatriates. The troop members has experienced unprecedented growth under the expert instruction of Venice Garcia, the group adviser.At present, the group continues to train interested individuals at the Filipino community in Bahrain in the art of dance and remains steadfast in its mission to represent, inspire, and reinforce innovative pieces performance through dance.

As PDC’s reputation has grown so too has their portfolio of work,   Joy strives hard and willingly contributes her best for the group who has been associated with major events and also worked with corporate brands.  PDC welcomes dancers of all skill levels who are interested in developing their talents.