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An appeal for a curtain fall!

admin 03-Jul-2017

An appeal for a curtain fall!



There are a few things in this world that refuse to let go. Kind of like security blankets we just can’t seem get rid of. But there comes a time when we outgrow those very blankets and decide to venture on a new road with new possibilities and discoveries. It’s amazing how a growing child can comprehend this concept but it becomes falls flat on someone like ‘Micheal Bay’.

The impenetrable fifth film in the “Transformers’ franchise released a while back and we are wondering when the curtain will fall on the exhausted series. While I absolutely enjoyed the IMAX setting, courtesy of Novo Cinemas in Seef Mall, Muharraq, I wondered whether the director has completely run out of ideas?

There is no denying the fact that Micheal Bay knows no limits when it comes to action enactments- he pushes the limit and thinks on parameters other directors wouldn’t even dare. But what bugs me (and possibly any human who had gone to watch the unnecessary fifth sequel) is why he directs all of his energy into a source that has gone stale- stale as there isn’t any way to revitalize a theme that has been done with. Yes it was fascinating, we were introduced to the alien robotics- there were the good ones and the very bad ones, they fought, victory was served and the remaining lived happily ever after on Earth and elsewhere.

So now what? Do we need to pull on a thread that is done with? Hollywood moguls have run out of juice and continue to tease and torment with old formulas, clumsily brushed with bits of new shades. The audience deserves better- as the group of people who have religiously followed and given the series and its creators many riches to flaunt, ‘we deserve better’. And sadly enough, it seems that the production house knows it but would continue directing a mellow script.

Sure there are moments of awe in this part, like the collision of the two planets is by far one of the greatest scenes to have been depicted on the screen this year, but it doesn’t justify the full three hours of nonsensical alien jumble. Another saving grace came this time in the shape of ‘Anthony Hopkins. Hopkins, a newcomer to the franchise, is an instructive case study and presents himself as a breath of fresh air with his sly wit and humoristic intelligence that too is built up by his trusted sidekick- a British robot with a comic edge of his own.

However other than that, we are left with desire of a sound film that connects the loose ends and gives a good movie experience. You need a concrete storyline and by that we mean something that can be easily followed, otherwise the characters, the CGI effects and everything else that is needed to make a movie into a masterpiece, fails drastically.