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Jubilation- every nook and corner

admin 03-Jul-2017

 Jubilation- every nook and corner
A month long fasting came to end with celebration ranging from donating food, sharing happiness and exhibiting traditional dances at different places, all over the Kingdom. Eid-al-Fitr was celebrated by both expatriates and residents in full galore during these past few holidays as they rejoiced and embraced the festive spirit with friends and family. Muslims across the globe, from all walks of life, celebrated the Eid days with joyful enthusiasm and religious fervor, as it marked the end of holy month Ramadan. Weekender’s Santhosh Rajendran covered various sites around the island so to soak in the Eid vibes that spread across all corners of Bahrain. 
Parks, beaches and malls were densely occupied, when tens and thousands flocked to experience the holiday mood. A good number of organizers from different prospective arranged various programmes which included entertainments for kids and even for grown-ups.  Even the summer heat didn’t bother, as the parks were thickly crowded with kids enjoying in different rides.Traditional dances and music acts were performed at various malls across the country, so as to entertain families who were on the shopping mode. Embracing the charitable spirit, the Bahrain City center also organized a donation camp, making a large impact for the less fortunate. One of the most prominent performances during the past few days was the ‘Liwa’ dance- a Bahrain traditional performance that pulled in the crowds. The Arabic traditional dance consists of largely male performers, who arrange themselves in a circle, surrounded by drum players; those who form circles clap sharply and dance according to the rhythm.  More of a casual dance form, Liwa was the highlight as it was performed at different malls catering to the festive spirit among the audience. 
The donation campaign at the malls also attracted families.  Many were seen bringing clothes and toys for donation. Speaking to Weekender, at Enma Mall, Ahmed Salah and his family said that they consider Eid as an occasion of peace, joy, happiness and giving. It is the time for special prayers and people try extending their forgiveness and generosity to others. Muslims look forward to this festival season as a favorable time to spend quality time with their loved ones. The day brings people together, and encourages fellowship. Relatives and friends are offered dessert sweets and endowments are given to kids and youngsters, generally in the form of cash. It is one that has been going on for ages and with how Bahrain involves and extends the festivities to every resident of the island, these joyous moments will be here to stay.