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Acne to deal with

admin 25-Jul-2017

Acne to deal with

Wedding in a week and there’s this acne to deal with!


Hi Ma'am

I am facing a lot of acne issues. I am 23 years old and this is probably for the first time i am facing this dilemma. The weird thing is, they all happen to appear near the chin area and it is driving me insane. My sister's wedding is coming up in a month and I dont know what to do. My dad says i should take less stress relating to my university assignments while my mom always puts the blame on my diet and late night eating. Could you please guide me on how I can get my face clearer, just in time for my sister's wedding




Dear Anonymous,

Although acne is associated with teenage times, it is still very common among adults, especially women in their 20s, 30s and even 40s!. This one is slightly different as you might have noticed: instead of black heads, there are pink or red spots with inflammatory condition, often quite painful. They appear mostly on the chin, neck and back. Still, no matter at what age they appear, they can negatively influence our self esteem and mood in general.

Nowadays there are more and more theories on the reasons why it happens. As your parents rightly noticed, stress or a poor diet (processed food and lack of balance) could be one of them. Other factors could be air pollution, smoking, alcohol, insufficient skin care, hormonal imbalance or excessive air condition exposure.

Regardless what causes your skin problems, I would definitely recommend visiting a dermatologist. Let the doctor examine the changes on your chin, interview you on your lifestyle. Most probably you will be prescribed some anti inflammatory medication, however bear in mind that it’s only a temporary solution! To get some long term results, you need to identify the actual source of your problem and eliminate it.

Since you are a woman, I think it would be a good idea to check the hormone levels. Increase of male hormones (androgens) that can be triggered by stress, menstrual cycle or polycystic ovary syndrome, will manifest as adult acne as well. Once diagnosed, it will be easier to plan the treatment process.

Maybe it’s time to change the diet? Exclude refined carbs ( like sweets or white bread), say ‘no' to junk food and introduce fruit, veggies, whole grain products and water as your new favourite drink (proper hydration should improve the look of your skin!). Fight the stress: learn some stress management techniques like meditation, start doing physical exercise. Regardless the condition of your skin, such adjustments are always worth implementing :)

Perhaps you should also have a closer look at cosmetics you use every day: some of them can block the pores and not moisturise the skin enough. Moisturise it with good creams and drink plenty of water. Never go to sleep without removing make up! Daily skin care is a must: make sure you clean the areas well twice a day, use products designated to acne complexion. That should do the trick!

Our last suspect is AC. Living in the climate of Middle East means we are staying surrounded by air conditioning most of the time. Dry air is making our sebaceous glands work harder and that can also contribute to the acne problem. It is advisable to use air humidifiers where possible, open windows during winter months and expose ourselves to fresh air.

Hopefully, with some help of a good doctor, within a month you should be able to improve the look of your chin. I’m sure you will look amazing during your sister’s wedding (even if you have to apply a little bit of a concealer). Enjoy the ceremony and carry on with the good habits!