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My 'unbeatable' take on life!

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My 'unbeatable' take on life!



Santhosh Rajendran


How often do we hear the wisdomous saying to live our life to the fullest and pursue our dreams without worrying about what may or may not happen in the future. Many, who are more so ingrained with the realistic stance, find that its: easier said than done, and surely it does become hard to visualize dreams when you know the actuality of norms would weigh you down. But then we hear stories of good things happening to people; we learn of how they believed, they pursued and they finally got it!


Weekender, continuing with its norm of sharing these kind of inspirational tales with our readers, recently met with Leah Evanka.  She hails from Goa; a land with stunning landscapes and beaches.  It is the only tourist place in India where hundreds of thousands tourists flock every year to enjoy the beaches and the pleasance of night clubs.  A woman who loves and embraces the sounds of excitement around her, it was her calling to become a DJ. Leah who started her first gig when she was 17, said it was a passion cultivating within an she knew there wasn’t anything better she could do. She recently had the opportunity to spin the decks in Bahrain last month and Weekender caught up with this young talent who also likes to do modelling and blogging.  


“I was Goa's youngest female DJ when I started out. I have performed locally at clubs in Bangalore, Mumbai and other metropolitan cities across India. I have always had a penchant for music and was encouraged by a lot of people that I should try DJ'ing. My first unofficial gig was at my mom's friend’s party where I played for the first time and I have not stopped since then”. Her family’s support helped her to get even more committed to her work and she started to explore the musical stance of other cultures and countries.  Her musical favorites range from everything from rock, hip hop, classical, reggae, and deep house to house music. “I am a big fan of bands and coldplay is one of my honey bunch followed by Avril Lavigne and Nickleback. I grew up listening to punk rock and that will always be my all time favorite.”


Speaking about her performance in Bahrain, Leah said that she looks at every venue differently and this helps her to create a challenge for herself on how to make the night alive and create an unforgettable ambience.  “I have had great shows everywhere but performing in Bahrain has been an amazing experience.” She recalls the support and enthusiasm of the crowd, that backed-up her musical bits to make it a wow experience for everyone.


Leah Evanka who plays all sorts of genre's right from the house to deep house affirms that the world of DJing is not at all dominated by males as if it was before. She believes that the circumstances are changing and this period of time, girls are being more apprehended and acknowledged for their skills. She spoke of how things are becoming readily available to venture into, the social podium allows everyone to interact and get rapid response and feedback on what works and what doesn’t, allowing performers to screen themselves and take in the best of what the audience advises- only by learning and accepting does one create a better profile of their former self.


This young budding performer DJ foresees herself as a full-time DJ as she hopes to travel around the world, doing unforgettable shows and creating solid memories. ““I love performing based on the different genre of music. I get the crowd to move along with me. I always enjoyed dancing and it all adds up and shows to how much I want my audience to have a good time.  I consider if I do not dance and enjoy the music I am playing, how will my audience like it?”