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The ‘Bubbly’ Trend in Bahrain!

admin 25-Jul-2017

The ‘Bubbly’ Trend in Bahrain!


Bath times have certainly changed in recent years. People have moved on from those days when you would just sit in a mass of warm water and wash yourself up. Now it’s more of a luxury treatment that more often than not, involves the usage of bath bombs.

Whether you go for something glittery or with dynamic effervescence-like effects, there are just too many choices out there as this trend had quickly branched into Bahrain and is a fad that will be around for quite some time. Taking the cue, a software programmer has turned into an entrepreneur with a driven passion for creating home-made bath bombs.  Here is what Ameera Ali had to say about her ‘Virgo Valley’ bath bombs when ‘The Weekender’ interviewed her!


W. What inspired you to make your own bath bombs at home?

Ameera: My interest in skin care encouraged me to always look into the ingredients of lotions. I would mix oil with a cream to create different products. I would research these combinations, the benefits of them and depending on my skin, which if needed more moisture, I would add oil to my creams. One day, whilst mixing products, I spontaneously created a bath bomb! Hereafter, I started experimenting with different recipes, ingredients, scents and colours. I started giving them to my family and that is when I realized that I wanted to make them for other people so they would enjoy it as much as I do.


W. Could you describe the process of making them and what kinds of products do you use?

Ameera: The main ingredients used are bicarbonate soda and citric acid which create the fizzing action. I add unprocessed sea salt since it is full of minerals which are extremely advantageous. You can get creative in adding whatever you like. I have different bath bombs with different purposes. The one with clay powder would help detoxify your skin and the one with oats and milk powder would help smoothen your skin. Then, these dry ingredients have to be integrated with oils such as almond oil, apricot oil and olive oil to keep them together. All these materials have to be particularly safe for the skin. I import these materials from abroad since they are not widely available here in Bahrain as this industry is not as popular here yet.


W. Where do you see the future of your home-made bath bombs?

Ameera: At the moment, I am creating a basic line with six bath bombs. For the future, we are planning to make them in different shapes. I am constantly experimenting with other ideas. I am also working towards expanding it to retailers. Hopefully, it will be available for customers in places such as salons and spas. We would also want to distribute to other GCC countries. 


W. Why do you think bath bombs are an aspect of things that are currently trending, especially amongst the youth?

Ameera: The beauty of bath bombs is that it is a very joyful experience overall. If you put a bath bomb in water, it is beautiful to watch it fizz with all its different colours, aromas and scents. It relaxes your muscles and releases the tensions within them. If you use a lemon scented bath bomb, it is refreshing and will make you ready for the day in contrast to the lavender oil which is more suitable to be used at night. The combination of the benefits you reap and how aesthetically pleasing it is, is what makes it popular. It is still new to the market. The different colours and scents are very attractive to the youth, who like to indulge themselves. It is like being at a spa with the convenience of being at home.



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