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admin 30-Nov-2017


If someone asked me who I would wish to take with me to watch this movie againmy list would be exhaustive because it’s impossible to limit ‘Coco’ viewing pleasure. Simply put- it hits all the right notes and it serves as Pixar’s saving grace after the disastrous ‘Finding Dora’ and ‘Cars3’.

A movie that beautifully captures- through visuals, cultural tones, hearty dialogues and definite musical beats-the essence of what being a family means, is definitely something that needs to be enjoyed by the whole clan. For youngsters it serves as a lesson on how your people will be there, through thick and thin. They will look after you, even when they disagree. They will hold a candle to your name, and not stop loving you, despite the mistakes and rocky decisions you made. For adults, it is a ‘wake-up’ call to put those phones down and spend time with the ones around you as they wouldn’t be here forever. And before I get too mushy with my views on this sort of tear-jerker, I just want to say Coco is dark but beautiful. The recently held premiere at Novo Cinemas allowed me to enjoy this one with the little members of my clan and while I was half sure on how will they soak in the theme, aside from gawking at the bright colours and creatures, I was amazed to see the way they talked about it as soon as we walked out of the theatre. “Family sticks together and help one another,” my seven-year-old announced. “I also love my family,” my 4 –year-old added. Wow, so that was quite neat. Not something you can get them to reflect upon after endless hours of family talks around the kitchen table. The
movie had done its job.

Coming to the synopsis, Miguel is an aspiring young musician but it is a dream that remains hiddenand a secret because his family has banned its members from performing music ever since Miguel’s great-great-grandfather left, abandoning his loved ones to selfishly pursue his dreams of stardom. However undeterred, Miguel decides to pursue what he elieves in and unfolds an unforgettable journey that shines the spotlight on will-power, compassion, hope and the simple notion to keep life going forward – “family comes first.”

A compelling tale that unfolds in bits and pieces; it’s like a puzzle of sorts that slowly starts come together and the final picture is so remarkable. Even in its literal sense, the family heavily relies on a single picture to do most of the talking, which it absolutely,  mazingly does. Check this one out and be prepared for the ‘waterworks.’