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Discover America with Lulu

admin 18-Oct-2018

Discover America with Lulu

Lulu Hypermarket certainly knows how to bring the world together. A trendsetter of the retail industry in the region, it gives a winning shopping experience by allowing visitors to discover and buy the best of what the world has to offer. Having successfully hosted a range of festivals and promotions, it has opened the floor for Bahraini residents to enjoy an amazing range of ‘all things American’ as part of the Discover America Week. The festival celebrates the bounty of American products across the aisles of Lulu – the electronics, the white household goods brands, specialty cheeses, meats, vegetables and fruit and a stylish range of home décor. 

Well-known American brands such as Coca Cola and motorbike giant Harley Davidson took part in the grand opening. The American Mission Hospital is also a part of the festival in Juffair and is offering free health checks to visitors. Charge card leader American Express is a supporter and will be present at the festival. A lot of excitement awaits as shopping will mean for you to walk the streets of the states.

Indulge in the Delicious ‘American’ Spread 

If there’s one thing which absolutely connects the people of Bahrain, it’s the love residents have for the different cuisines, as it reflects upon the culture of this massive diverse community. Food, a universal concept branched in various presentations, brings individuals together; be it strangers indulging in their orders in a food court or a family seated together at dinner time- food is and remains the biggest reality to our existence. And when we have exciting festivals happening around us, indulgence becomes all the more special and meaningful.LuLu Hypermarket has always managed to give shoppers a personalized experience as it brings complete authenticity to what it offers, celebrating the uniqueness of flavors and their origins.The in-store Hot Food section is showcasing popular American favorites such as specialty burgers and hot dogs and apple pie. Aside from that, enthusiast diners and American food eagers can also look into the range of spreads, divine cheeses, sauces, variety of fruits, beverages and more! 

Ambassador of the United States of America, Justin Siberell, inaugurated the ‘Discover America’ promotion celebration at the Lulu Hypermarket. Speaking to Weekender, he shed light on how such festivals play an important role in strengthening relations between the two countries. “During Discover America Week, we are highlighting one of the strongest pillars of our relationship with Bahrain: our deep commercial ties. The Free Trade Agreement between the United States and Bahrain facilitates trade between our two countries, which totals over $3 billion each year. It was great to see and even taste many of the American products available to Bahraini consumers on display at Lulu Hypermarket today. We hope that everyone will celebrate Discover America Week with us!” 

Mr. Juzer Rupawala, Director of the Lulu Group led the Lulu management at the inauguration. Also present were the Board members of AMCHAM, the business facilitator link between Bahrain and American chambers of commerce. The promotion will run till 21st October 2018. Don’t miss it!