Weekender Bahrain, Thursday, February 20 2020

Not your damsels but leaders, seekers & warriors

admin 25-Oct-2018

Not your damsels but leaders, seekers & warriors

The last weekend served as one of the greatest the Kingdom has seen so far this year. With two major events that took place, the spotlight shone bright and beaming on what ‘women empowerment’ means.

Revved Up in Unity! 

Bahrain has always done things differently and last Friday, it became the first country to host the all-female car parade. The mega event saw a large number of female drivers revving the engines of their vehicles as they took on the F1 track at the Bahrain International Circuit in solidarity and inspiration to back one another in realizing our potential and achieving greatness in the process. It was definitely a sight to behold as thousands showed up to support ‘Yalla Banat’ and while the crowd may have been large at the BIC on Friday, it was equally exciting to see other female ambassadors take up the cause to lead a healthy life and initiate self-awareness on breast cancer by saddling and galloping on fine beauties, decorated in pink too!

Saddled for Pink! 

The ‘Ride for Pink’, running in its third edition, was initiated by the Muharraq Horse Riding School in collaboration with Think Pink.

70 women riders, with excitement and sheer commitment to raise awareness went parading through the streets of Galali. Speaking to Weekender, Ahmad Mohamed, the owner of the school said the parade is one that always manages to attract a large crowd. “We have always worked with leading societies to raise awareness for important causes and it is always a great honour to have so many riders come together to raise awareness on breast cancer and female unity. The crowd and encouragement has been great and we look forward to hosting such events in the future too.”