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Real Skincare Routines you’d want

admin 08-Nov-2018

Real Skincare Routines you’d want

A Bahrain-based online store, Big Beauty Bahrain curates the best of beauty products from South Korea, the US and other locations to help you create skincare routines which get you results. Founded by Farah Baig, the store focuses on products free from animal-testing.

Speaking to Weekender, Ms. Baig stated that her once problematic skin and her love for animals was the inspiration behind starting Big Beauty in November, last year. “After struggling with blemishes and adult-acne for a couple of years, I’d exhausted my options; I’d tried everything on the market without any results,” she explained. “While researching skincare online, I found that the 10-step Korean skincare routine was getting people rave results and all their products were cruelty-free too!” she added.

After following a new, Korean skincare routine for months, Ms. Baig thought of starting her own online store. “I’d steadily seen improvements in my skin and wanted other people to be able to experience the confidence-boost too. I’ve made it a point to test out every product introduced on the store and have received positive feedback from family and friends,” she said. Big Beauty currently stocks a range of products including sheet masks, vegan lip balms, creams, activated charcoal soaps, Aztec clay masks and more. “We’re particularly excited for winter this year as we’re introducing our new range of Big Beauty Body Scrubs in fragrances like Haute Chocolate, Caffeine Dream and Gingerbread. They’re all made from real ingredients and are free from chemicals and artificial fragrances,” she said.

Ms. Baig believes that the best thing about the store so far has been seeing her customers happy with their results and building connections with them. “I now know so many of them by name and they’ve quickly become friends, so Big Beauty will always be a labour of love more than anything,” she concluded. For more information on Big Beauty, follow @bigbeauty973 on Instagram or ‘Big Beauty Bahrain’ on Facebook.