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“I am coming to Bahrain to learn something myself”

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“I am coming to Bahrain to learn something myself”

Gulf Hotel is setting a fiery stage with Two Michelin star ‘Chef Wout Bru’ 

A place well-equipped to bringing a royal stature to its offerings, The Gulf Hotel Bahrain knows how to raise the bar when it comes to creating sensational experiences second to none. With exciting new collaborations, sensationally redefined menus and delectable promotions around the clock, we weren’t surprised to learn that the hotel will be hosting a guest chef at its Fusions restaurant this month, who will be none other than Michelin star ‘Chef Wout Bru.’

The superstar, who happens to be a very popular TV personality as well, will be visiting the island from Nov17 till Nov24, presenting diners with an innovative, and imaginative serving style hinting at the fusion of three major cuisines- French , Japanese and South American, at the award winning restaurant, boasting unrivalled views over the hotel’s tropical gardens and Manama skyline.

Both a Michelin Star and a celebrity chef, Bru presented several cooking programs at Vitaya and VTM, including a performance as guest judge in My Restaurant, and judges the second season of the Flemish version of Masterchef . In an exclusive interview with Weekender, all the way from Belgium, he shared more on why he’s very excited to visit Bahrain.

W. Was cooking always on the cards for you?

Chef Wout: Not really, it was only after I failed to excel in athletic standing, be it football or any other major sports in my country, did any my father suggest trying my hand at working in hotels as it lead to travel and good experience. However it was only when I stepped into this podium, I realized I wanted to excel at doing something creative in the kitchen.

W. What are you most looking forward to as you visit Bahrain for the time?

Chef Wout : I would love to explore the culture and enjoy the warmth of the people that I have heard so much about. I love exploring new cultures as I have friends from around the globe. And while I have been to Dubai several times, Bahrain will definitely be an experience of its own standing. I am eager to explore the culture and learn from it. I want to pick the experiences and the flavours from Bahrain to bring back to my current station ‘Sanglier des Ardennes’. It is all about what I will learn from Bahrain. 

W. What new experiences will you bring to diners at the Fusions restaurant?

Chef Wout: As the name suggests itself, there will be a definite fusion of enticing flavours that complement one another rather complicate. I don’t believe in sophistication but rather I believe in respecting the ingredients for a flavoursome result in the end. 

W. Any specific dish you would entice the locals with?

Chef Wout: Actually it’s the opposite really. It is my excitement to see how the local flavours will entice me. A dish can only be heightened in flavours with local flavours and the fusion will definitely present a masterpiece on every plate. 

W. But is it stressful to create a different version of a recipe with local flavours?

Chef Wout: It just gives a creative challenge you need to master. I am looking forward to working with the different meats and sea bass of Bahrain to present my recipes in an explosion of flavors. In my years of experience as a chef, I’ve learned you just need to be very passionate about your job. Open yourself to different ingredients, flavours and techniques. The fusion is what you get when you passionately blend what you have learned. 

W. How different is cooking for a television show to cooking in the kitchen of a restaurant?

Quite different. In the show, I am the master chef and I get to judge the recipes and the cooking styles whereas in an actual kitchen, I am the one who is being judged by my diners and guests. The latter certainly adds more pressure to excel.

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