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Exotic world is now a cookbook away

admin 08-Nov-2018

Exotic world is now a cookbook away

The book that has been in the making for a few years is finally here! A culinary presentation with a unique twist, inspired by the travels of Phineas Fogg, “Around the World in Eighty Dishes” is authored by a member of The Bahrain Writers' Circle ‘Glen R Stansfield’. A journey that began two years ago in Weekender where Glen enticed readers with an amazing presentation of exotic dishes from around the world, is now as a keepsake for all! 

The launch party was held recently at the Sheraton Bahrain Hotel.The event had a quirky dramatic milieu as Glen came dressed as Phineas Fogg, accompanied by his friend and fellow member of the Bahrain Writers' Circle Seumas Gallacher. Glen, an aircraft engineer by profession, with a lifelong interest in writing released his first novel in 2015.

The author's concept for this culinary treat is to bring exotic dishes from around the world, from the perspective of a lay person to everybody's kitchens. The book was launched in collaboration with Weekender, where the recipes were first featured across eighty editions of the weekly, over a span of two years.

The event was graced by Rohini Sunderam , the backbone of the Bahrain Writers' Circle, Claudia Hardt, other members of the Bahrain Writers' Circle, friends of Glen R Stansfield, and the Editor of Weekender, Mehr Jan. The book goes on sale at the AWA Snowflake Craft Fair on Saturday 17th November at the Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel from 11 am - 4 pm. 

Come take a scrumptious trip Around the World in Eighty Dishes, with Phineas Fogg.