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Loving, exploring, showcasing Bahrain...on a single wheel

admin 27-Nov-2018

Loving, exploring, showcasing Bahrain...on a single wheel

Having lived in Bahrain and fallen in love with the island, Jorge Vidal knew he would be coming back soon. But in such an exciting way was never on the cards until it happened!Originally from Spain, he works in an NGO called Viaje a la Sostenibilidad, based on Zaragoza. The main projects are related to sustainability and working with young people in Spain but also all around the world. He used to live in Bahrain and fell in love with the island and its people. Now he is going to promote the island and travel across ... on just a single wheel.

Weekender spoke to Jorge on how he plans to achieve his mission as he unicycles across the island. 

W. Why a unicycle?

Jorge:I saw someone doing unicycle and I thought that I wanted to do it as well, so I decide to learn and it became my passion. These last two years I’ve been involved in “Social Circus” projects working with kids and young people, this field became my big interest, so I wanted to continue developing these type of projects where we work with young people through circus, sports and arts. 

W. How the thought to visit Bahrain again come to you?

Jorge: The idea of coming back to Bahrain was always around my head, as well as the idea to unicycle a long distance. I decided to merge them both together and here I am. 

W. How do you plan to shine the spotlight on Bahrain with your initiative?

Jorge: I love this country. And very little of it is known in my country (Spain) , hence with my unicycle, as I cover various areas of this beautiful island, I want to promote it as a safe, beautiful and friendly destination, everyone should visit.I also want to give something back to Bahrain, since the island and the people gave me so much during the time I was here. My vision is to cycle across Bahrain, at a low speed showing all the interesting places that I know here; while meeting with the locals and getting lost in the markets, all of that on one wheel. I will continuously post my experiences on social media, giving a little piece of Bahrain to the world. 

People who are interested to help, meet or to follow Jorge can do so by following him on Instagram Thewheelofarabia or call him on 39537702