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The Hilton Charm Hits Town

admin 01-Dec-2018

The Hilton Charm Hits Town

What happens when one of the most well-known faces on the planet comes to Bahrain? Excitement, sheer excitement that’s what.

American television personality, socialite, businesswoman, model, singer, and actress, Paris Hilton visited Bahrain recently for the launch of her 24th fragrance and the affair was nothing short of magical! The socialite, while being a successful celebrity DJ is also a very successful businesswoman who has a huge empire to her name including handbags and accessories, clothing, and perfumes, with Platinum Rush being the first one for which she graced the Land of Pearls with her sparkling presence.

As would have been expected, her short visit, in co-operation and as a guest to the Al Hawaj Group, was a whirlwind experience as she made three stops, a press meet at Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay, the Al Hawaj stand for the Jewellery Arabia and lastly to the Al Hawaj outlet at City Centre. Gleaming with energy and ready to entice the crowd with her charisma, Paris was ready to show Bahrain why this new fragrance should be the ultimate holiday gift, especially for women in Bahrain, since she had Middle East on mind while developing it.

Speaking to Weekender during the press meet, she said “The most exciting part about creating this specific scent one is that while I was developing this fragrance, I had the Middle East in mind. I was inspired by the women here and their love for fragrances and I really wanted to create something that was unique, different and exotic. It was a fun process to finally get the perfect notes together and then just to see the bottle and the packaging come together beautifully, in a dazzling and sparkling manner. Which makes it the ultimate gift for the holiday season. It looks like a piece of art and I feel like it gives vibes of getting an Oscar really.”

Meeting and interacting with her fans at City Centre, Paris made sure many got their winning moment as she hugged and kissed enthusiasts who waited hours to catch a glimpse of the elegant siren. She was also gifted something precious from the Al Hawaj family, a glittering horse adorning Swarovski crystals. “I love horses and I am so happy to receive this beautiful beast that looks like a unicorn. I love it and I love Al Hawaj,” she cheered among an excited crowed at the mall as she received the majestic statue, that will serve as a momento to her amazing visit to this island.