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Bake to your heart's content…everyone!

admin 02-Dec-2018

Bake to your heart's content…everyone!

A self-taught baker and recipe developer, Mubina Maqbool acquired a penchant towards baking over the years which quickly turned into a passion. After ten years of intensive learning, mastering the fundamental and advanced baking techniques through trials and errors and getting great results, she widened her scope by hosting popular baking workshops. And translating her talent and passion, she is now presenting Bahrain with “A Confectioner’s Secret”. A debut cookbook which targets people with different skill levels, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional baker, there’s something interesting for everyone . She shares more with Weekender:

“I want to enrich the life of others with all that I have learnt and enable them to do what I am really passionate about. I realized that there were many around me with a penchant for baking who wouldn’t step into the arena for fear of not getting the best results. This got me into conducting baking workshops and writing this book.”

The book has a personality and a dark photography theme. The photos are dark with atmospheric light accents on the food which brings out a rustic appeal. Unlike other cookbooks every recipe is accompanied by a descriptive picture.

Speaking on how her book will stand out in the market, she said: “I think anyone can relate to and use my book with ease. Besides I only aim to do better than my best. So no matter how much competition you have when you give it your best shot success always follows. I have definitely taken this up as a challenge and ventured into strategic self-publishing.” There are no limitations here one could get as creative and adventurous as long as you know how the ratios of different ingredients work together. What really takes the cake is after all the testing and food styling the visual impact of the dessert/bake in print.