Weekender Bahrain, Tuesday, June 25 2019

Are you set for a month of ‘entertainment and fun’?

admin 03-Jan-2019

Are you set for a month of ‘entertainment and fun’?

The Kingdom of Bahrain is proud to host the fifth edition of the largest shopping Festival in the Kingdom. ‘Shop Bahrain’ is being held till February2, 2019, and is organized by Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority in partnership with stakeholders from the public and private sectors.

Due to its success, the 30-day nationwide Festival is hosted for the fifth consecutive year and comes in-line with the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority long-term strategy ‘Ours.Yours’ that aims to attract visitors from the neighboring GCC countries and around the world as well as promote the Kingdom as an ideal and accessible family destination which contributes towards the national economy. The national event focuses on the Kingdom’s two main sectors: retail and tourism, offering its visitors a unique shopping experience filled with valuable prizes, as well as an array of events and activities for the whole family to enjoy including the various in-mall activities, as well asthe return of the much anticipated ‘Festival City’, that will host well-known social media influencers from Bahrain and the region, in addition to the live shows and other exciting activities.

Shop Bahrain comes in line with the Kingdom’s historic position; further cementing its role as a regional commercial hub due to its strategic location. The government of Bahrain has been streamlined its efforts to attract foreign investment which has resulted in the availability of many international brands and malls in the Kingdom.  Shoppers and visitors can learn more about "Shop Bahrain" through the website: www.shopbahrain.com or through the social media account @shopbahrain