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Meanwhile not in Bahrain

admin 12-Jan-2019

Meanwhile not in Bahrain
Iconic Japanese game show is coming to Saudi Arabia

Yep, you heard that right. Everybody's favourite Japanese game show from the late 1980s is coming back. And by all accounts, it is coming to Riyadh. Turki Al-Sheikh, Chairman of Saudi Arabia's General Entertainment Authority, tweeted recently; indicating that the iconic Japanese show will come to Saudi shores sometime in 2019. However, it isn't clear if this will just be a Takeshi's Castle theme park or if there will be a TV show to go with it. According to various local media reports, the castle will have many Arab elements, incorporating over 50 obstacles in a 300,000 square metre space. The show is expected to be run over 13 weeks with new prizes and challenges each week.

Dubai gets new Inflatable Park

Let's face it; you can never really grow out of bouncy castles. And, we guess we're not the only ones who think so! Air Maniax Dubai is the latest destination where Dubai residents can get their bounce on. The massive indoor park spans over 23,000 square feet, split into five different zones. The zones include a ‘Warrior Assault’ interactive obstacle course, a zip line, arcade style laser tag, a toddlers-only zone and a 15,000 square foot inflatable arena.

Caught! With a fake Australian accent

On a show like The Bachelor, it's understandable that contestants need to do what they can to stand out. With the 23rd season of the popular reality show set to arrive on Jan. 7 on ABC, a promo was released on Thursday featuring a contestant named Bri. Bri, less understandably, tries her hand at faking an Australian accent when she first meets Colton Underwood, who is the Bachelor in the upcoming season. Bri's accent starts as believable, but then begins to sound like a strange mix of a Scandinavian and Australian accent. Or maybe it's South African. Natural to say, people were not convinced.