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I am a global citizen of the world

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I am a global citizen of the world
RedOne celebrating music as a universal language 

Born as Nadir Khayat in Morocco, the ninth and youngest child in his family, RedOne, immigrated to Sweden to pursue a career as a musician. Having made a prominent mark in Europe, he felt his music went beyond borders, and felt the need to collaborate with artists from around the world. Moving to the States, he faced a series of disappointments, but his passion and willingness to make his mark, with the continuous support his wife, finally paid off when he was discovered, and is now one of the most sought-after artists, singers and producers. Having touched down in Bahrain recently, he unveiled the first look of the Reggaetone Big World Tour 2019 which will be launching from the island. He shared more with Weekender about his upcoming tour, his unbelievable tale of success and how he will continue to strive as a global citizen with music driving his passion to bring the world together. Read On: 

W. Who was your biggest inspiration when you made the decision to get into this field?

RedOne: My biggest inspiration to get in this field was the group Europe- Final countdown. 

W. How, as a citizen of the world, do you intend to prove that music is a universal language?

RedOne: Music ‘is’ a universal language! As Platon said “Music is the soul of the universe”. You would notice a lot of chants in my music, because I aim to make everyone a part of the melodies. Once Bono said to me that when you create music, you think from the people’s perspective and what will click with them. Actually you may find it strange, but for my personal self, I am a huge fan of metal music, so yes, what I create is for the masses.

W. A pride of the Arab world, how do you think your music depicts your cultural standing and roots?

RedOne: Music is the reflection of my heart, my roots and my culture; it brings positivity in many ways. It depicts the many variations of Morrocan, African and Arab music; its vibrating, the kind of music you can dance to and express yourself through. All of my songs aim to get that done! 

W. At any point of your career, did you feel overwhelmed while working with an artist or on a particular song?

RedOne: Not really. I have had great memories and learned many things with any artist that I have worked with and although it is hard for me to pinpoint any one artist as my favourite, I think Lady Gaga is phenomenal and when I met her for the first time, we just clicked and started working on bringing some great tunes together. 

W. Let’s just touch upon your song “Dont You Need Somebody.” It included a range of familiar faces with not just singers but also had cameos from many other celebrities. What was the vision behind that video that has more than 87 million views?

RedOne: That video remains very special for me. The people it features- be it musicians, athletes, actors - they are all my friends, and I really appreciate how they all agreed to come for that one video. I really appreciate how they all agreed to come together for that one video. 

W. What more can you tell us about your upcoming concerts in the MENA region?

RedOne: Bringing a whole new musical culture to this region, Reggaetone is going to be a representation of global music that will speak to the world, as it depicts its culture through a rhythm, and aims to bring out positive vibes among the people. We need more Latin music in the world - it puts smiles on people’s faces and that is what I wish to achieve through my music. Bahrain was chosen by me because of the genuine history nested in its Arabic and Muslim heritage, yet modern landscape. 

W. What has been the most interesting thing about Bahrain that you clicked with during your visit?

RedOne: First of all, the people completely struck a chord with me; their warmth and kindness was just amazing and it impressed me a lot. I was also completely mesmerized by the natural scenic beauty, especially the fascinating sights I got to witness as I embraced the color of the sea. I also completely enjoyed my time at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain, and the amazing service they were able to render towards me. Of course the food was also amazing as I indulged in a range of cuisines on one island. If I have to sum up my experience in a word, I would say Bahrain was ‘perfection’. I am looking forward to coming back here and shooting videos for my upcoming singles and albums.

W. What are the 3 qualities a person needs to make it big, according to you?

To do what you love

Work harder then hard

Believe that you will make it 

W. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

RedOne: I think in this region, maybe in Bahrain (laughs)...who knows?