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Overcoming obstacles, Spartan Style!

admin 26-Jan-2019

Overcoming obstacles, Spartan Style!

The Bahrain National Stadium was consumed with the resounding chants of nearly 3000 energized participants ready to take on the first ever stadion race of the region which took place recently. Bearing witness to this historic occasion, Supriya Reginald paints a picture of the grand success of this ‘first of its kind’ event.

The sold-out venue consisted of men and women from all walks of life with the unanimous goal of conquering the Spartan race. Each of these fitness warriors faced a combination of a CrossFit endurance workout, stair climbing session, and an indoor track race, which was not an easy task. As they embarked on this self-defining feat, the encouragement of over 2000 spectators fuelled their motivation from the starting line until their necks bore the Spartan Helmet encrusted medallion at the finish line.

To prove that warriors come in all shapes and sizes, over 600 children aged between 4 to 14 years reflected just as much determination as the adults, as they jumped, ran, climbed and crawled their way to the finish line. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, a phenomenal act of bravery touched the hearts of thousands present at the stadium as KHK Heroes team showcased their heroic spirit, taking upon the Spartan challenge illustrating that no disadvantage can limit their abilities. Music, entertainment and festive challenges saw the involvement of spectators and participants alike as they indulged in the jolly environment that balanced out fun and fitness. The concoction of positive emotions cemented this event as a milestone on a global level as it received an astounding level of enthusiasm and commitment for a first-time event.

Events like these present themselves as defining moments that go down in history as pledges to not just individual accomplishment but as a resounding success for the whole nation, as Bahrain continually advances toward progress and prosperity. The Spartan team gleamed over the achievement of the stadion race as they considered the massive turnout a milestone on its own. Bahrain is no stranger to the Spartan races and the paramount success of this event goes on to illustrate the diversity and capabilities of its people.

What will Spartan bring to Bahrain next? “Stay tuned” was the mystery cloaked response from the Spartan team as they have us at the edge of our seats in anticipation. Irrespective of what Spartan challenges the Kingdom with, we can guarantee two things. First, we will conquer it and second, we will do so with monumental chants of “AROO, AROO, AROO!”