Weekender Bahrain, Thursday, February 20 2020


admin 09-Feb-2019


Valentine’s Day is just a week away and if you are planning to stay home and celebrate instead of heading out to one of the many fancy places for dinner, this article may be just for you.A delicious home cooked meal for you and your Valentine may actually prove to be a game changer and Tania Rebello will share exactly how you can get it done in an elegant way! 

Before I proceed, may I suggest a simple yet gorgeous table setting? It is time to bring out your favorite crockery and cutlery. A simple red and white rose arrangement, a scented candle and a really cute rose napkin fold creates a lovey dovey ambience. A Valentine’s Day dinner would be one that is tasty yet light on the tummy, maybe one that is easy to prepare and probably prepared together? Think bonding time.

Try out these two recipes that have love written all over them. 

Begin with a simple and sophisticated Balsamic Glazed Steak Rolls. This dish is an all in one package of delight. Delicious and delicate strips of choice vegetables such as green onions, carrots, zucchini and bell peppers find their place in thinly sliced seasoned tender sirloin. Paired with a delicious dark balsamic glaze prepared with onions, brown sugar and balsamic vinegar and beef broth, this dish will have you and your partner going back for seconds. Check out the recipe for instructions. Pair it with this stunning red ‘Love Bubbly’ prepared with a perfect blend of rum, peach schnapps, vodka and cranberry juice.

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