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Embracing the ‘Family Trait’

admin 22-Feb-2019

Embracing the ‘Family Trait’

Passion from within is what leads you to create great work and make a mark in the world. From what our team has learned from featuring various artists in your favorite publication, it's that talent and embracing it fully, leads to your own path of amazing capabilities. This week, canvas artist ‘Zainab Akber’ shares with Weekender, her journey to creating masterpieces and why there is still so much to be done and explored. 

W. How did your journey begin?

Zainab: “It is my very honor and privilege to be able to paint my thoughts and to exhibit them in ways I love.”Every great artist was first an amateur". I used to always take pride in my art since day one. It was my dad and mom that really pushed me and backed me to use a canvas to express my emotions and represent how I view the world. When I paint, it instantly brings a smile to my face and I hope to make my audience feel the same way, to feel divine every time they glance at my paintings.” 

W. What interested you about painting?

Zainab: Painting is my way of expressing my feelings, both happy and sad. I like painting because it's a way of channeling my energy, and if it turns out beautiful, then I feel happier than my previous state. Overall, painting helps me keep out the negative energy. It helps me professionally to exhibit my talent, and personally, to work through my emotions. 

W. Who was your inspiration?

Zainab: To be honest, both my parents are talented artists. My mom would teach art and was a textile designer. My dad followed his instincts and does amazing wood handiwork. Seeing their masterpieces, I could explore my passion and eventually found out I'm not that bad after all. It’s what you can something that runs in the family!

W. Is there a specific theme you work around?

Zainab: I love painting horses, feels like I have a deep connection with them. I like the beauty radiated by flowers, especially roses, and hence I like painting them too. Although every observer can interpret the painting their way, I would like them to see the beauty in the most trivial things, and that we are capable of turning sorrow into joy. The theme I work around is most anything that can spread happiness. 

W. How do you plan to pursue your talent?

Zainab: Doing art exhibitions so that I can cover as many people as I can, and can possibly make their day better. I would like to travel and exhibit my art in more places. It will also allow me to gain perspective as I soak in amazing creations by artists from around the world. 

W. Any upcoming exhibitions you will be taking part in?

Zainab: I aim to have a personal art exhibition by the end of March (Inshallah).