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Racing Across To Fight Depression & Suicide

admin 11-Mar-2019

Racing Across To Fight Depression & Suicide

A woman’s epic journey to New Zealand

250 km, six days on foot in the snow... easy, right? Not really, but if you have the vision behind it, nothing can stop you. It’s all about being passionate and committed to what you want to achieve and then diving heart first into it without looking back. We have always supported stories of residents in Bahrain who take it upon themselves to get something done for a good cause. Showcasing her capabilities and undeterred strength, our columnist Brett Beeson, shares with us the epic new adventure she has ventured upon in New Zealand.

The eleventh edition of the Racing The Planet: New Zealand 2019 is a 250 kilometre / 155 mile, 7-day, 6-stage, self-supported foot race which is taking place on the South Island of New Zealand. The host town will be Queenstown, famous for its adventure sports and the South Island is renowned for its mountains, lakes and glaciers.

Brett has taken up this epic odyssey as she supports “To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA)”, a non-profit “dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. Having taken off on March 3, the 7-day, 6-stage, self-supported foot race, Brett shares more with our readers: “Actually, even I’m low-key terrified of this particular adventure. I’ve travelled to New Zealand before in 2016 (check out those mountains!), but that was for an air-conditioned bus tour and this is slightly different.” TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery. Brett shares more on why she’s particularly passionate about this cause: “For me, TWLOHA has been a crucial part of the past two years of my life in Bahrain. This country is a magical place, full of wonderful, kind-hearted people, great food, and hidden treasures in every corner. I will cherish the friendships I have built here, whether at Sonder’s Not Art Poetry nights or the Rugby Club’s Gaelic Football team practices, for as long as I live. But realistically, expat life isn’t always glamorous. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it hurts, being away from those who know us best and the cultures that raised us. TWLOHA was with me in all of those dark moments, reminding me: Hope is defiant. Tomorrow does need me. And the storm will pass.”

Brett spent most of her free time training for the event- martial arts workouts, averaging a mile for my daily swim, long 5 am runs from Arad through Hidd and Juffair on Fridays. The race will finish on Saturday the 9th, averaging about a marathon each day. “Slightly more than when I competed in the run/swim portion of the Bahrain Ironman 70.3 or the Beast Spartan race (a 20 km obstacle race), but Racing the Planet’s motto is: More Than a Race.” Sharing how it isn’t about the kilometres logged each day or the elevation change, the time, or even the shiny medal, Brett says it’s about hope. “This is about choosing hope. This is about choosing a better path, choosing to see a brighter future - even when we can’t see it.”

If you are interested in supporting, visit Brett’s fundraising page, contact her on brett.e.beeson@gmail.com for further details. The Racing the Planet webpage is also posting regular blogs on the race on their official page.