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Arabian culture to craft ‘luxurious creations’

admin 11-Mar-2019

Arabian culture to craft ‘luxurious creations’

A Behind the Scenes Tour 

It’s the absolute soul food that has been loved and indulged in for years. If there is something which can be agreed upon globally, it’s that chocolates make the world a sweeter if not a better place. Many modern historians have estimated that chocolate has been around for about 2000 years, but recent research suggests that it may be even older. The Mayans of Central America are believed to be the first to discover cocoa as early as 900 AD. They learned that the beans inside the cocoa pods could be harvested and made into a liquid that would become a treasured Mayan treat and while the texture may have taken more of a solid shape through the years, the love and eagerness to spoil out taste buds with it stays the same. Chocolate manufacturing is a more than 4-billion-dollar industry, and it comes as no surprise that the people of Bahrain are also devouring this amazing treat on a regular basis.

Weekender also took up its love and eagerness to explore how the magic happens; how a piece of chocolate is brought into its final, aesthetic form, when it was invited by Arabisc Luxury Chocolates for a tour of their factory that is located in Hidd. The tour was led by founder, ‘Jassim Buhayal’ who shed light on the meticulous production, science and flavours that go in when producing world-class chocolates. “We are thrilled to establish our concept in Bahrain. Since ancient times, the Kingdom has been a melting pot for eastern and western cultures. This atmosphere inspires the creativity in our chocolate creations.” Jassim said.

Leading us into the place where the magic happens, Jassim pointed how they make use of raw and the finest kind of Belgian chocolates which are of 35% chocolate mass. “The chocolate is then melted and we have to carefully take care of two major factors- temperature and humidity, especially in a place like Bahrain.The traditional touch of the chocolate designs has been created by creative Bahraini designers, which aligns with Arabisc’s goals to build a cohesive Bahraini chocolate brand. ”

The process then gets even more interesting when chocolate moulds of 20 designs are used to create the final aesthetic mouth-watering pieces. The moulds are pre-filled with the melted chocolate and the flavour filling is done, before the sealing the moulds for the final step. Each piece tells a story about Arabian traditions. The brand has mastered the art of chocolate making from world master chocolatiers and then infused the chocolates with rich Arabian flavours. Aside from its very popular Arabian delicacies of flavours like Saffron, Cardamon, Mastic, there also Western flavours like Cheesecake, Crispy Praline, Hazelnut Caramel, among others. The chocolates became a beautiful fusion that melts the best of the Eastern and the Western worlds together. “We don’t use chemicals or any kind of preservatives and they are made from the finest cocoa and the highest quality, natural ingredients. The work is done by artisan chocolatiers that pay attention to the finest details and these are then designed precisely to achieve perfection,” Jassim said. 

Did you know? (in a box)

Jassim informed us that the best way to indulge in how a chocolate truly tastes, spin and twirl it in your mouth to allow all the taste buds to savour it, instead of just gobbling it down. Also the two best times during the day to taste a chocolate is at 11am and 4pm. Now you know when to take your ‘two’ chocolate breaks!