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Egyptian Festival at Lulu

admin 11-Mar-2019

Egyptian Festival at Lulu

Egyptian Ambassador to Bahrain H.E. Soha Al Far has inaugurated the Egyptian Festival in Lulu Hypermarket, Hidd. The three-day festival, which ran till March 2, underscored the close commercial links between Bahrain and Egypt and comes at a time when Lulu Hypermarket has announced a huge investment and expansion plans in Egypt.

Over 150 Egyptian products were displayed during the festival with a 30% promotional discount on all of them. There was a special fruits promotion featuring Egyptian Navel and Mandarin oranges, guava and avocado as well as a wide range of frozen vegetables. Egyptian culinary delights such as Egyptian cuisine like Kushari, Chicken Molokhia and Laham Bamia were also available.

“We appreciate the efforts of Lulu Hypermarket to present Egyptian products to the Bahraini customers,” said Egyptian Ambassador Soha Al Far, “We are sure that the products will meet the expectations of the customers. We believe that Lulu Hypermarket is an avenue for enhancing the relations between the two countries.”

On his part, Lulu Group Director Mr. Juzer Rupawala commended the long and fruitful relationship that the hypermarket group has with Egypt which is evident in the variety and range of Egyptian products in the hypermarket aisles. “The Festival was a celebration of the growing importance of Egypt to the economic scenario of the MENA region and the closeness of Bahrain and Egypt. Lulu Hypermarket is honored to play a role in this exchange of warmth between both countries,” he said.