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Schools Made ‘Fun’ for All

admin 16-Mar-2019

Schools Made ‘Fun’ for All

Imagine the kind of happiness a child would feel when gifted with a little something to make their everyday learning experience even more special? It isn’t something that needs to be wondered about further as ‘School in a Bag-Bahrain’ is already pursing the cause to make school going a wonderful experience for each and every child!

An affiliation of School in a Bag, a UK charity that distributes rucksacks filled with stationery, learning resources and eating utensils to disadvantaged children around the world, the Bahrain branch started in January 2018 and is run by teachers Lee and Corinna Churchill from St Christopher's infant and junior school in Saar. It has so far raised over BD6500 funding school bags that were delivered to children in numerous countries. Recent donations have funded a further 70 school bags which were handed out to children of migrant workers who attend the Pakistan School in Manama.

“We have been able to get children to think about how life may not be as easy for others and through donations we have brought a smile to the faces of children whose families are struggling to pay for them to even be in school. The ability to write, colour, draw and calculate at home may be the catalyst that helps give their education a boost and bring them the chance to work their way to a brighter future,” Lee shared with Weekender.

The numbered, trackable School Bags were funded by donations from families in Bahrain. Each one costs 10 BD and contains exercise books, pencils, pens, colouring pencils, maths equipment and utensils for eating and drinking. The School Bags were packed by children at St Christopher's School and then distributed by the children who had donated the funds. School in a Bag - Bahrain aims to donate a further 300 School Bags within Bahrain this year and have already received BD1500 raised by Little Wonders preschool in Saar. Further fundraising events will be taking place in Bahrain over the next few months. Anyone wishing to donate or volunteer can get in touch via their Facebook page. www.facebook.com/SIABBahrain