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Roaming Performers at F1 Bahrain

admin 16-Mar-2019

Roaming Performers at F1 Bahrain

Bahrain International Circuit (BIC), has put together a fantastic line-up of all kinds of entertainers for this year’s off-track attractions at the Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix 2019. 

Race-goers will have plenty to look forward to on all four days of the event, most especially with the fantastic roster of roaming performers. Located in the Formula 1 Village vending area, these artists coming from all over the world can make anyone smile. Some of these performers this year include the Circolo Stilt-Walkers, Circus Parade, The Dans, Men-Alien and Rainbow Ballet. The Circolo Stilt-Walkers come all the way from Germany, and they are also known as Europe's finest Walkabout Duo. Truly a sight to behold, their colorful, bigger-than-life costumes and hilarious routines make them a crowd favorite at every event they participate in. Circus Parade is nothing short of wonderful. Their accompanying musical box invites everyone to share a smile or a dance. They are bubbly, quirky and fun to be with. Adrian Schvarzstein, also known as The Dans, is not only a mix of various nationalities but he is also a clown, an actor, a circus and theatre director, and a very energetic entertainer-showman! Having been in show business since 1989 after studying Commedia Dell'Arte in Italy, he theatrically toured all over Europe where he collaborated with and created many street-theatre groups. 

Men-Alien is proof that extraterrestrials do exist, or at least, extraterrestrial look-alikes. Men-Alien looks very different from what we expect to have come from outer space though. It has four heads and four legs, and all day long it noses around and touches everything, as if too curious of its surrounding. Fans will see for themselves just how mesmerizing Men-Alien is at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Rainbow Ballet is composed of professional actors, expert in dance and performing arts, hailing from Germany. They have been delivering outstanding shows, extravagant acts and exceptional stage performances since 2003. Each performance is unique, accompanied with world-class, glamorous and colorful costumes. 

All these roaming acts and so much more await fans attending the Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix, which is now just over a couple of weeks away. For further information on the mega sports event, visit bahraingp.com or call the BIC Hotline.