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Rule the world in your look

admin 25-Mar-2019

Rule the world in your look

Celebrating women as an individual of her own persona, who lives by her own rules and pursues what she believes in, International Women’s Day is a time to rejoice ladies everywhere, and Bahrain wasn’t far behind to celebrate the day in full fervour.

Womanhood has evolved a lot through the years from the famous Declaration of Sentiments in 1848 to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ in 1948, which enshrines "the equal rights of men and women". Even today, the definition of womanhood continues to change as they embrace their unique power over many social barriers and conformities, more and more. They now understand their special traits that overcome the shell the society has put them in. Women no longer stand behind men. They are in the front line, center and facing the world. So again, what is a woman? A mother? A daughter? A wife? She is not just one of them but all of them. Women have become not just mothers, wives or daughters but also role models, breakthrough innovators, leaders—a beautiful paradox of charm, sharp intellect and a powerful force that is both soft and strong.

This year, the world celebrated International Women’s day in honour of all women and the different roles they play in the community. Marriott Executive Apartments and Residence Inn by Marriott, Bahrain, joined forces with Max Factor Arabia in celebrating beauty and power, which embodies modern womanhood in both society and the workplace. Max Factor Arabia lead the exciting gathering with a beauty session to boost the confidence of the hotel staff; the women were given an exciting demonstration on how to create a look of confidence with what they don, and make a style statement in the process. The session consisted of learning about different makeup techniques like strobing, highlighting and others, for various face structures. Making it even more memorable was how participants were able to leave the training session with Max Factor products.