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TOP 5 (last minute) Mother’s Day Ideas

admin 25-Mar-2019

TOP 5 (last minute) Mother’s Day Ideas

Yikes! It’s Mother’s Day already and for those who didn’t get much time to plan for something extra special and don’t want to opt for something as cliché as chocolates and a rose, here’s your emergency There’s no bond as powerful as that of a mother and child. Celebrate the unparalleled love and joy this Mother’s Day with our selection of 10 charming gifts – because Mom deserves nothing but the best.

A Bookish Touch

Whether she’s a classic literature enthusiast or a fan of amusing sonnets - hit the local bookstores. Pick out even a pretty pocketbook or journal, giving a reason for spontaneous smiles. Some places where you can do last minute checks are Jashanmal Bookstore, Words Bookstore or The Bookcase.

Indulgent makeup for ‘her’

Give her the gift of timeless beauty with some amazing products out there! One of our favorite places for skincare goodies - Boots Pharmacy - has amazing ‘Strum Anti-Aging Primers’ that will do wonders for her. Also if you feel that is way too much a reminder of the age factor, get her some pretty mascara and let her get those lashes to work!

Card it Pretty

Keep things simple with a glowing flower wreath card on Mother’s Day. If you think you’re not creative enough to make one, Hallmark is a brand that makes things easy and glorious at the same time. Nothing beats a heartfelt wish written in a pretty little card.

Bon Appétit

A platitude thought probably, but the fact is, if moms can skip out of making a morning meal and are served with a delectable serving of traditional cuisine or hashbrowns with eggs of any kind, that day will be a good one! This Mother’s Day, start things off with spoiling her taste buds with a Bahraini Spread of great flavors. The weather is still nice for a little stroll through the Bab Al Bahrain Souq, followed by breakfast at some of the most well-known restaurants there like Naseef or Saffron.

Scented Candles

You may be wondering how this made it into the list, but the fact is when it comes to last-minute contenders for gifts that look, feel and ‘smell’ good, the answer is always 'candles'. They are our saviors for they will get the job done when you’ve run out of options. Ranging from very reasonable prices to some very fancy options, and are decorated in aesthetic ways, candles are a good substitute for mundane flowers or chocolates.